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Originally Posted by omimon View Post
Anyways since we saw how Shaft handled Buriki's style, maybe Shaft again?
Unlikely. Yozora and Sena's QR code release is already announced, which means it is highly likely to follow Drama CD seiyuus. You know what SHAFT always do with casting.

@larethian: Only shown official site is this;
Even though it isn't really anime-adaptation site launch, it has opened out-of-nowhere when TBS x MF Bunko J line collaboration was confirmed.

Anyway, this is like final boss of MF Bunko J line-up (not just MF, but one of major bosses from LN media mix, along with Baka Testo and Oreimo). Knowing Mayo-chiki is airing this summer, it is pretty obvious that Haganai will be airing during the autumn season. This year is the best year.
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