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Lantis posted a video on Youtube with the contents of the first image song collection (湯乃鷺リレイションズ, Yunosagi Relations) due out on 6/8/2011

1. Sora ni Chikai Basho (Near the Sky) - Ohana Image Song by snow*
2. Hatch - Minchi Image Song by nano.RIPE
3. Suisei Melody (Water Melody) - Nako Image Song by CooRie
4. fluffy - Yuina Image Song by marble
5. Haru no Mukou (The other side of Spring) - Tohru Image Song by Rey (Heard in episode 2 in the van)
6. Saiminjutsu (Hypnotism) - Tomoe Image Song by Saori Atsumi
7. Omoki-Soujiyu - (Virtual Flower- Sending and Receiving) Sui Image Song by Rimi Natsukawa
8. Mousou STAY (Staying Delusion) Jiromaru Image Song by Aira Yuhki
9. Haruurara ~♪ Satsuki Image Song by yozuca*
10. Yawarakana Jikan no Naka de (In soft time) Kissuisou Image Song by Masumi Itou

“Nyahaha! Then we move to round two, Hero! ★”
Chuunibyou translation: 1st novel - OUT/ 2nd novel - OUT

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