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Élise Kujo updated.

"Pardon. I seem to have this habit of ignoring incompetent people."

Élise Kujō (久城エリース)
Occupation: Student [Originally from Académie des Détectives Armés, France, temporarily transferred to Tokyo Butei High School]
Division: Inquesta
Rank: B
Ancestor: Victorique de Blois
Inventory: FAMAS F1, Emerson SARK, iPad with memory expanded to 1TB
VA: Hanazawa Kana

Physical Characteristics: She possesses the traits of members of the Gray Wolf bloodline: long blond hair, petite stature and green eyes. Élise is usually seen wearing long dresses in France, but is not as choosy as Jeanne when it comes to the uniform change; however, she wears a specialized trenchcoat over her uniform in her stay in Tokyo Butei High School.
Attitude: Élise is most usually snide in her remarks and does not prefer to interact with others, with a less hands-on approach in a number of cases. She is notable for "getting the right information at the right place at the right time" in France, particularly due to special access in most public libraries around the world using her modified iPad (specs above). Her prowess in investigative skills, however, is not complimented by her poor experience in handling firearms.
Like a typical girl of her age, Élise does have some things that she find embarrassing to talk about, with love high up the list.
Hobbies: Aside from reading books — which females of the Kujo family seem to inherit from Victorique — she is also very fond of sweets and is usually seen with a lollipop in her mouth.
After that, as promised, here is Hattori Hanzou.

"Ah, you see, this sword is made of of the finest tamahagane forged over 300 years ago from descendants of of Tokugawa Clan. It's a veeeeeery tedious process and it took at least ten people, not including the Shinto priests who blessed this blade, and I'm honored to wield this magnificent piece of craftsmanship.

...Huh? We're you just asking me where is the comfort room?

Hattori Hanzou 服部繁三 "The Unpredictable Third"
Occupation: Visiting Instructor in Japanese Butei Training Institutions
Division: Assault
Rank: A
Ancestor: Hattori Hanzou
Inventory: Wakizashi (two), Taser, Taurus Judge "Magnum" Edition
VA: Tomokazu Sugita
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