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You know, I have thought I would stick to a smaller number of OC, but the combination of realizing Amélie's team's shortcomings and the fact that the HnAverse have actually been tickling my inner OCer have made me thinking out four more OCs, those can be said to be in Amélie's group's extended circle. I call them "guests" because they are occasionally helping out the Team D'Artagnan when those are lacking an element. Otherwise they works fine on their own.
Their classification will be in order of appearance, SSR, Snipe, Connect and Informa.
Here is the first:

Guest Character #1 - When you need a dude dealing with supernatural matters.

Spoiler for portrait:

Name: Jin "The Exorcist" Yamazaki
(theorical) VA: Yuuichi Nakamura
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 17
Class: 2nd year
Butei Rank: A
Ancestor: Nobody of importance
Department: SSR
Bloodline Ability: G8 wind attribute - ability user
Weapon: FN Five-Seven handgun, tessen (metal folding fan)
Friends: Sletvana Dragovic, Naoko Kazami and Erin Kirishima.
Character Quotes:

"Suit up!"
"Oh your skirt have been blown? I am sorry if I couldn't keep my friend quiet."




His style may appear almost dance-like. He counts a lot on his mobility and dodge to wear down people's patience and force them to make a mistake. His shots from his Five-Seven are mostly aimed at the limbs while he uses his war fan in a counter-attack based style. While his skills with his fan are superb, he is not as good with his pistol.

Next to come:

Svetlana Dragović (pronounced Dragovitch) - Snipe

Naoko Kazami - Connect

Erin Kirishima - Informa

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