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While working on the last girl (Erin), I thought I should post the sniper.

Guest Character #2 - Need a sniper? That one is almost stereotypical but knows her job.

Spoiler for portrait:

Name: Svetlana "Lana" Dragovic
(theorical) VA: Houko Kuwashima
Nationality: Serbian
Age: 17
Class: 2nd year
Butei Rank: A
Ancestor: Nobody of note.
Department: Snipe
Bloodline Ability: None
Weapon: Dragunov SVU
Friends: Jin Yamazaki, Naoko Kazami and Erin Kirishima
Character Quotes:

"I know. Serb. Sniper. Consider yourself lucky I am on the good guys' side."
"My secret? Practice. Practice. More practice."
"I have been hiding here all along. More than enough to kill you over and over. Bang you are dead."




As a sniper, she will do anything to stay in her effective combat range, she keeps a bunch of smoke and flashbang grenades for use when the need to gain some distance arises. While her killing range is inferior to Reki's (around the maximum range of her Dragunov), her childhood spent with her father hunting game have made her very efficient in the domains of stealth and stalking. She uses the scope when the conditions demands it, otherwise she prefers to rely on the iron sight.

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