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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Eventually, Anastasia and her relatives become close to the Kujo and Blois families to the present. This gun is supposed to be the gift for Člise after the celebration of Kazuya's and Victorique's 100th birthday. Well, considering the setting for Hidan no Aria is not that far from the present time.
Only 100th? In Ariaverse, they've only reached their retirement age heh

Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
While working on the last girl (Erin), I thought I should post the sniper.

Guest Character #2 - Need a sniper? That one is almost stereotypical but knows her job.

Spoiler for portrait:

Just one question; is it a good or bad thing to her if someone has zero idea what the stereotype of Serbians are ?

Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
The other cute nerd of my humble roster. More friendly and sociable than Sanae.

Guest Character #3 - The Girl behind the mic.

Spoiler for portrait:

She looks cute, but for a Japanese- her tastes seems very western...

Originally Posted by Sheba View Post

Guest Character #4 - The Bookworm

Spoiler for portrait:
That short hair... those looks... Dem glasses... Would a better VA be Ueda Kana ?


Anyway, here's me second female character

Name: Ada
Nickname: The [Butterfly]
Age: 17
Butei Rank: 'A'
Ancestor: None
Department: CVR
Bloodline Ability: None
Sidearm: Stainless Jericho 941 "Baby Eagle" 9x19mm
Melee weapon: Crawford Balisong with mother of pearl insets

Character Quote:

"Mikhail... We gotta stop meeting like this..."

Occupation Description:

"Infiltrating a hostile environment that reeks of testosterone and motor oil is tough- unless you're an attractive women. But the gender advantage ends at the door however, it's tough to pull of surveillance when everyone wants to talk to you..."




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