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Originally Posted by Pellissier View Post
i so love the pic. <3 MadoHomu's just the LOVE. *sigh*

Originally Posted by bhl88 View Post

i always get excited whenever mami-san has that vulnerable look on her face. Makes me want to ravage her senseless. >=)

Originally Posted by kaigan View Post
Spoiler for gym class:
Originally Posted by icyhandofcrap View Post
Mami: *sparkle* (literally, beautiful)
Homu: I'll show Madoka I can support her!

Kyouko: Sayaka... You're... Heavy...
Sayaka: Hey- You- There's no way I'm that heavy


seriously, this is epic! XDDD mami's still so composed even in her PE class. XDD Homura's still so cute proving of herself worthy of her Madoka. and, LOLOLOL at sayaka and kyoko. XDDD

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Spoiler for for images:

Yeah these are from rainmaker skins I'm using. I got them here:
those are nice. i love the artist's art style. XD

Originally Posted by Master_Yoma View Post
these MamiLotte fanarts popping out lately are making me ship them earnestly. XD
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