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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
Whew thank you guys. Was starting to wonder if I had gone off the deep end, or if there were others going off with me.
Little sisters are cute vs. little sisters are annoying is a classic divide between anime fandom factions,

I want to know more about this village, about their Gods, about Aki, about the male lead, things of substance. I could do less with Utao training day at the park, and more with real substance.[/QUOTE]

I didn't think this episode lacked substance. Unlike a lot of little sisters, I don't think that Utao will end up just being a side character, they seem to be setting her up as an active participant in the conflict. At the very least, she personalizes the conflict for Kyohei.

This episode taught me about Utao's perspective on being a Seki - for her, it seems to be a matter of impressing her brother and getting to play around with the world's coolest RC toy. She certainly doesn't appear to have an awareness of the problems Kyohei and Aki perceive the village as having.

I also learned that Kyohei once perceived Kukuri in much the same fashion Utao does, and that he was supposedly "fired" from being a Seki (I'm not sure I buy that).

Oh, and Kukuri got seen by the mad scientist girl whose dad is a policeman. So it set another subplot in motion.

Not bad for a calm before the storm type episode IMO. No info dumping, but I get the impression this series intends to trickle the info out anyway.

Originally Posted by Accelolita_ View Post
Nope, definitely not the only one. I can't say I dislike her, but I think she's annoying and I'd rather like to see more Aki than Utao....
And 3 of my friends who watch this series think so, too. That she's an annoying little brat
I might have called her a brat during episode 1. Episode 2 developed her beyond that, IMO.

(This is why I'm being careful about complaining about, say, Hibino being a shallow love interest or Aki being a generic psychopath... we simply don't know much about them yet. And in Aki's case, I suspect he is going to get more interesting, not sure about Hibino though.)

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