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Originally Posted by Lord of Pandemonium View Post
Fans hyped them up, not Kubo...

Kubo made it clear that Aizen was just testing them. Kubo made it clear that Aizen was the real threat, but Arrancar fanboys and girls kept insisting that he wasn't and they were. They weren't hyped up by Kubo. If you are referring to Hitsu's speech. It had already been established, that SS really didn't know that much about Hollows and characters can be mistaken. You can't take everything they say at face value, because they're not always right when it comes to their suppositions. Fanboys and girls glorified the Arrancar, not Kubo. They did make a difference, it just wasn't the way you would have liked. They were used to develop, Aizen, his plan, Hollows, Hybrids, the Shinigami, and Ichigo because he was a hybrid Shinigami, and it's his world. They had a purpose and they served it well. They just didn't do what the fans wanted them to do because they were fodder. That was clear from the begining, well at least it was to me.
Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Generally when a character gives an explanation of something, we can take it as exposition unless it's made abolsutely clear that they're merely guessing and when they're wrong, the characters actually acknowledge the difference so there's no ambiguity for the reader. Kubo has done nothing like that, so either he's really just making it up or he's lacking in basic writing skills.
I'm sorry but there was never any exposition given to suggest Hitsu's intel could be that wrong, before or after. The arrancers were hyped up constantly throughout the entire arc, first when Hitsu gave the low down (I want you to read Chapter 197 again, and then tell me what you think), then when Ulquiorra first came, and then again when Grimmjow first came. Kubo was constantly making them out to be a real threat (Chapter 213 Page 19, Chapter 214 Page 16, Chapter 316 Page 16). He hyped it up even more through the ambiguity of who the Vasto Lordes were and their rankings. If the arrancars were never made out to be a threat then why was Ulquiorra revealing his 4th ranking a shocking plot twist? Why is the fact that there were three Espadas stronger than him such a big deal?

In any case part of the reason we also thought they would more affect on the plot is that Kubo had already given hundreds of chapters to them and their battles. If those batles were never going to affect the plot in any significant way, why make them?

But feel free to contradict me. How about giving me some evidence when it was made clear that the arrancars might not actually be a threat? Or some evidence that Aizen was just testing them and wasn't confident that they could beat Soul Society?

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