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There's plenty out there.

Usagi Drop - Real life issues regarding parenting, among other things.

Mawaruru Penguindrum - A zany show, but it's a lot more complex that it initially looks. Funny, rich in symbolism, chaotic story.

There also might be some Spring shows that (Some are 2 cours and still running) that you may like?

Steins;Gate - Still ongoing, one of the best shows of the year IMO.

Tiger and Bunny - It may seem less than what it really is at first, but it's turned into quite the great story.

Ano Hana - Already finished, but many compare it to a melodrama like Clannad AS.

Also for another winter show you might have missed while Madoka was airing....

Wandering Son - One of the most mature stories this year about transgender issues.
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