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Originally Posted by BrightSide View Post
"They aren't elementary schoolers, they are middle or highschoolers."

"Those three are high schoolers."


I think this shows the gap in thinking between American nerds and Japanese otaku. Among Japanese, it is widely known that Momo, Nana, and Mea are peers of Mikan in age - all of primary school age, or 11-12.
Hasemi said in their profile that Momo and Nana are slightly older than Mikan. Since Mikan is the last year of elementary school, then they have to be middle schoolers. They should be around 13-14 years old.

Before the next chapter comes out, I'm going to post some interesting tidbits from the Hasemi x Yabuki talk from volume 18 (I shouldn't be one to say this but... man, those guys are perverted ), which I received yesterday:
  • Hasemi only intended to included a few sexy elements at first, but Yabuki outright said he wanted to draw the heroine naked
    They developed that aspect even more later on because the readers wanted an ecchi story according to a poll in Jump. Their editor (who's hosting that interview) said there was a lot of demand.
  • It was Yabuki's idea to tell some of the stories from the girls' point of view in the second part of the manga. The series was losing its steam and he thought it would be a refreshing change (he was right).
  • Yabuki started struggling with the sexy scenes at some point, mostly due to Jump's censorship I assume (since he's obviously not having any trouble coming up with awesome scenes in Darkness). The editor said they had to fight against the redaction every single week. He also adds the censorship in the magazine was horrible.
  • Both Yabuki and Hasemi thought 19 pages were way too short to tell their stories properly - might be one of the reasons they decided to go with SQ.
  • One of Hasemi's favorite chapter is the Valentin's day chapter from volume 16, with Yui as the star. He said he loved writing the chapter were Yui goes commando as well. Yabuki's favorites are the ones focused on Mikan and Yui, the chapters were they fell sick in particular. No wonder those two are getting so much screentime in the sequel
    The editor liked the one with the X-ray goggles.
  • Hasemi said Mikan's the perfect housewife, and that in some way she is Rito's wife. Hehehe. Yabuki and the editor commented about her strong erotic potential.
  • Hasemi loves twins, and had intended for Yami to have one. One of them would have been black, the other white. Yabuki says it's a good idea and they could use it someday... which is exactly what they've done in Darkness, it seems to me.
  • Hasemi wanted to give Nana and Momo the ability to fuse and turn into a bombshell. Thank god that was dropped and they decided to give them telepathic powers instead.
  • Mio would have most likely gotten her own chapter as well if the series had lasted longer.
  • When they reached the third year of publication, they pondered whether to make Rito and the others move up a grade. The problem is that Saki would have graduated from the school. They did think of a few ideas to keep her around though. Apparently, the true reason they didn't do it is that Yabuki did not want Mikan to become a middle schooler (you know who to blame now, Kurosu ). He kept repeating he'd never allow that to happen. He was afraid she would mature too quickly if she started wearing a uniform. However, if the series had lasted longer, he might have changed his mind, so there's a chance we'll see that happening in Darkness.
  • As we had already guessed from the sketch, they had planned for Celine to turn in a beautiful young girl, however, that would only happen during the full moon. Kind of an odd idea, but a good one. Removing little Celine forever would have been a mistake.
  • All of them agree Yui is the character that evolved the most over the course of the series. Yabuki highlights that she's the only girl that remembered the times Rito groped her/saw her naked whereas the others forgot everything from chapter to another; and she started like Rito a little more everytime she appeared.
  • Hasemi loved Moemitsu and continued to make him appear all the time, but Yabuki deleted his appearance every time.
  • Yabuki had another heroine all thought out that he never got the opportunity to use. Was it Mea? He didn't say anything about her so it's impossible.
  • They left the ending open because they didn't want the story to end and hoped they'd be able to make a sequel someday.
  • And finally, the biggest info for last: Lala's mother is alive. She was supposed to appear in the very last chapter, but they decided against it since she would have stolen the spotlight. That means we'll probably see her in Darkness! Hopefully, they won't wait until the very end to introduce her this time.

Damn, that ended up being longer than I thought. Off to sleep...
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