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Shu Ouma (CV: Yuki Kaji)
17 years old.
Studies at Tennouzu First High School in class 2-A, he's a member of modern motion picture research club.
By chance, met Inori and became involved, and unintentionally comes to carry the "Ability of the King" in his right arm.

Gai Tsutsugami (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)
17 years old.
Charismatic young leader of a Resistance Organization "Undertaker".
Guiding Shu who has the "Ability of the King", he aims for a successful revolution.

Inori Yuzuriha (CV: Ai Kayano (quite new one, her known roles are: Tachibana Isana, Saotome Roman, Honma Meiko, Shiba Hibino, Shinozaki Ayaka and Shousouin Sasana)
16 years old.
Vocalist of the web artist "Egoist", a member of "Undertaker".
Triggers the involving of Shu with "Undertaker".
By singing, releases her emotions.

Ayase Shinomiya (CV: Kana Hanazawa)
17 years old.
As one of the members in the "Undertaker", she's an operator of humanoid robot "End Rave"
Usually is bound to a wheelchair.

Tsugumi (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)
14 years old.
She's in charge of information warfare at "Undertaker", girl with a cheeky personality who speaks unreservedly even to the leader, Gai. (funny coincidence that Tsugumi has Kirino's seiyu & Gai has Kousaka's )
Cathphrases are: Aye (roger) and Ney (negative).

Shibungi (CV: Takehito Koyasu)
27 years old.
Staff officer of the Undertaker.
"As expected from Gai" is his favorite phrase, but it is often used as a sarcasm.

Arugo (CV: Anri Katsu)
17 years old.
Member of the Undertaker, he's a pro in hand-to-hand fight and knives.

Oogumo (CV: Kousuke Takaguchi)
A silent giant.
Member of the Undertaker, he's a pro with firearms and explosives.

Automatic insect that Inori brought with herself.
It's mechanical but have a big variety of (facial) expressions.

Hare Menjou (CV: Yu Shimamura (who is it btw? ))
here comes osanajimi that always loses to main heroines!
16 years old.
Motion picture research club member.
Shu's classmate.
Lives at the same apartment block as Shu, and they've been at the same school since Middle school.

Yahiro Samukawa (CV: Takahiro Mizushima)
17 years old.
Motion picture research club member.
Shu's classmate.
Contrasting with Shu, has an outgoing personality.

Souta Tamadate (CV: Daisuke Sakaguchi)
17 years old.
Motion picture research club member.
Shu's classmate.
Often told that he can't "read the mood", or maybe he doesn't dare to?

Kanon Kusama (CV: Minako Kotobuki)
17 years old.
Shu's classmate. (strange that in this sentence Shu's name was written in katakana (シュウ) instead of usual 集)
Class president (iincho!) of 2-A.

Arisa Kuhouin (CV: Aya Endou)
17 years old.
Student council president (seito kaicho!).
From a well family, has a noble and fastidious personality.
All the men from school admire her.

Daryl Yan (CV: Kouki Uchiyama)
17 years old.
Juvenile officer who belongs to the GHQ.
His rank is Lieutenant.
Yan is the commander of the GHQ, and his father is Major General.

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