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This is why Shigan should never be allowed to go on business trips where she's set free to buy home a boatload of cheap east-state alcohol. Shigan is currently in possession of no less than 5 bottles of cognac.

This is not a part of the challenge so I really have no excuse for this, aside from wanting to butter Yui up for more hot fanarts.

Here's something for readers of The Hayate x Vivio Files! Deathcurse is completely innocent of this, the guilt and crack and shame is all on me.

Vivio: age 20+. Hayate: age 33+. Probably R-rated out of plain O_oness.

Now, onwards!

Spoiler for The Next Best Thing:

Spoiler for Author's Notes:
Never stop being a kid. Never stop feeling and seeing and being excited with great things like air and engines and sounds of sunlight within you. Wear your little mask if you must to protect you from the world but if you let that kid disappear you are grown up and you are dead.
Richard Bach

Shigan's Fanfiction Masterlist -- The Hayate x Vivio Files

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