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I've had a wild theory for a couple days now that I felt was too wild to bother sharing publicly.

But what the hell. This NewType pic is really getting people excited, so I might as well share this theory now.

It's a theory that I just can't shake given that Kazu-kun said that Ikuhara said that Ringo and Himari were co-main protagonists, or something to that effect. The fact this was said by the man that wrote the penultimate yuri story in Revolutionary Girl Utena simply can not be ignored, imo.

What's one of the easiest and most common ways to make two characters co-main protagonists? Make them the main romantic pair...

So that got me thinking.

Let's say that the Penguin Corporations are at odds with one another. One wants to prevent Himari from achieving a romance with her fated lover. So what do they do?

They intentionally set up a wild goose chase to ensnare Himari's fated lover. They give Himari's fated lover a diary that will lead that fated lover on a fraudulent romantic course, away from Himari.

Having one of their operatives distract Kanba in the process to help shroud these efforts would also be helpful, wouldn't it?

Now, let's take a closer look at that NewType pic for a sec. The yuri pose that Himari and Ringo are in is quite suggestive itself, but what's not really being noticed here yet is Masako's eyes looking back at them. Masako is paying close attention to the two girls. Why is that you suppose? Is it because it's her mission to keep Himari and Ringo apart, and so seeing the two of them together like this concerns her?

"Project M" may be the ultimate romantic goose chase. Tabuki and Yuri may even be in on it, helping to set up a complete ruse to ensnare Ringo and keep her from growing too close to Himari.

There, it's a very wild theory, I fully admit. But maybe it's more worth discussing than I had originally thought.
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