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By the way, I've decided to look through this article after the end of anime and found some interesting stuff like (these aren't spoilers from the game, this information hasn't been covered in the game):
Q3. What was the significance of Okarinís dream in chapter 3 when Kurisu is talking about the universe?
A. It was to show what happens to people who fall into a black hole. The barren land dream in chapter 5 with Mayuri is the world 7 billion years ago, Okarin being sent there for opposing SERN.

Q7. Who sent those threat e-mails?
A. It was Moeka who sent the photos of the red jelly and mannequin head in them, warning Okarin not to proceed any further.

Q14. Why didnít Suzuha keep the IBN5100 herself and left it at the shrine?
A. When she makes a stopover in 2010, she heard Okarin say he found it there in chapter 2 so it was the best place to leave it. It also needed repairs so she passed it onto Feyrisí father first. There was the risk SERN would send people after her. In the end she didnít live long until 2010 to retrieve it herself so it was left at the shrine.

Q20. Does Daruís wife appear at any point in the game?
A. No but Daru meets her at ComiMa. Her name is Amaoto Yuki. She is a fujoshi (into gay love Manga). Unknown if she has big "eyes" ^^;

Q24 How did Okarin get the "Reading Steiner" ability?
A. It was most likely awakened when he got that terrible fever during his childhood but it is unknown why. It should be linked to Millenium Bug event.

Q25. Hereís something that bothered many playersÖ Why did the timeline shift just because they wiped a log entry from the Echelon database?
A. John Titor mentions in one of his @Channel posts that if a significant event is changed at any point on a timeline, history will re-construct itself and thus, changing the events that happens following that point in the timeline which, is what happened in this case.

Q29. Why didnít Okarin meet the himself, the himself that traveled back in time the first time, during his second attempt to save Kurisu?
A. Time divergence meant he goes to a different branch of the timeline.

Q30. If Okarin ends up not killing Kurisu and they never met, the time machine shouldnít have been completed. Why was it still completed?
A. Itís completed as a result of the conservation of time (dunno why but he names Attractor Field like conservation of time, Uupa like Uber and Reading Steiner as Leading Steiner) just like Mayuriís fate. Events still happen one way or another.

夏への扉 = The Door into Summer
フラッシュフォワード = FlashForward
タイム・リープ あしたはきのう
All You Need Is Kill
バタフライ・エフェクト = The Butterfly Effect
時をかける少女 = The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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