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Fastest solution I've found so far is the the July 30th CCCP with output set to overlay mixer in the MPC-HC options.

Originally Posted by TheEroKing View Post
Either get the latest CCCP or if you want to play with MPC-HC follow this guide.
I actually tried the MadVR setup listed there but it was substantially slower on my Thinkpad X120e test machine than CCCP using EVR, let alone overlay mixer.

Originally Posted by Dante of the Inferno View Post
What's even the point of High-10 anyway? Today was the first that I'd even heard of it, and it's only supposed to be a couple months old.
Gets rid of banding artifacts and allows for smaller filesizes. Both of which I consider worthy goals.

Originally Posted by cyberbeing View Post
What TheFluff said is very true, for the time being LAV Video in particular is considerably faster then CoreAVC 3.0.1 decoding hi10p. They claim to be hard at work coding new optimized assembly to make CoreAVC 3 faster than libav/ffmpeg solutions with hi10p in a near-future 3.0.x release, but until (if?) that actually comes to fruition or you feel generous enough to finance their endeavor, you'd be smart to hold off on the upgrade.
I'm really hoping the faster CoreAVC Hi10P performance pans out, my desktops can at least play the 720P Hi10P stuff fine (and I seldom bother with 1080P stuff), but many of them choke my Thinkpad x120E's AMD E-350 CPU - and hooking the desktop up to my HDTV takes a lot longer than hooking up the Thinkpad.

I tried some Mplayer stuff too because I'd heard its subtitle renderer is far faster than the CCCP one and I figured that might free up some CPU for Hi10 decoding, but in my experience it was also slower than CCCP at Hi10 on the Thinkpad. Not sure if I could get a better result if I knew more about builds, settings, etc., I'm pretty inexperienced with MPlayer.

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