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Originally Posted by Komari View Post
@ Liddo-kun I like those! Madoka is especially adorable~
Thanks. There's a cosplay contest held that day.
It's fortunate the batteries of my digicam lasted the entire day.

Here's a report of what I saw.

Cosplay Contest at SMX Convention Center, it started at around 5:30 pm.

Each time a cosplayer goes up on stage, the theme of the anime that he / she is cosplaying would be played. For example, if someone cosplaying Victorique is walking on stage, Gosick opening theme would be the backround music. And most of the cosplayers don't just walk around the catwalk, they say lines from the anime, swing swords, jump around, etc.

Fujisaki Nadeshiko cosplay (Shugo Chara).
She's the first one up on the stage, and did some tricks with a baton, like a cheerleader. I wasn't able to take her pic on stage, but I took one before she went there. She insisted to hold a Shugo Chara magazine if I'm going to take her pic. ^^

Victorique cosplay (Gosick)

She's a tall cosplayer, so I think it isn't so fit for her to cosplay Victorique.
But she walked well on stage, very confident.

HALO cosplay

Zoids cosplay. I watched Zoids but I don't know this green tiger robot,
Found out later that the person inside is a girl. She must like the anime a lot because she moved around the stage with her hands and feet.

Death Saurer cosplay (Zoids), another Zoids cosplay. He's actually too big to walk on stage! The first pic is during the competition, hard to focus because I'm at the back. He later walks around after the contest (2nd pic), and I'm finally able to take a good pic. I once had a toy Death Saurer, so seeing the cosplay has a nostalgic feeling.


Hikaru Shidou cosplay (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Archer cosplay (Fate/Stay Night), "I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body and fire is my blood.." He actually said those lines on stage, good performance. I'm an FSN fan.

Unknown anime - she's one of my favourite cosplayers that night, and she sang Aozora no Namida (BLOOD+ opening theme) at the singing contest too. She carries a black umbrella with head of black cat on top of it. She also said something like "you're not worthy being my opponent", it's not exactly what she said, but it's something like that.

Cloud cosplay (Final Fantasy)

War Machine cosplay


Hatsune Miku cosplay.

Batman cosplay , his cosplay is entertaining to watch. It seems they acted out a scene from the movie. He's fighting someone and this person later shoot him with a bazooka. :lol:

Tiger and Bunny cosplay


Well, that's all the pics I have from the cosplay contest.
They are posted in the order which the cosplayers appeared (starting from the top).

If anyone wants to see more of the convention, can look here.

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