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Talking Godlike's Gifts are FINALLY DONE!!! ;D

Godlike's Gifts

Finally! We have waited for this for exactly 10 months o,O... First of all I would like to give my thanks to Rennir and rikikai, they have perfectly rendered some images for me (Rennir's a special case, you'll read why ). Further on I would like to thank Kuroda for helping making signatures fit within the AS size limits, he's a pro . Oh yeah..why am I giving these gifts? They were supposed to be given for celebrating the opening of my thread...and here we are, 1 year later D:
I tried making the gifts of your favorite character, so I did some research on your "about me" pages

Spoiler for Gifts gifts gifts!!! Why are you reading this go and take ur gift ;D:

Seriously guys do I now not deserve the nobel prize of being the laziest photoshopper ever? D:
Anways, if you're not satisfied with the gift just tell me, when I am in a good mood, I will make you another one ;D
Resource Package is done!
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