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Why did she tell Ringo on her feeling toward Shouma? Why didn't she steal Momoka diary sooner (during the bird watching ep perhaps, even when she willing to go extra far to tear it off with her motorcycle)
Either she didn't know about it at that point or she didn't want to be suspected... Which makes me wonder why she went after it in the first place. What is the purpose of the diary really? Is it just in Ringo's head and now Yuri's that you can become Momoka by following what's writing in it?
Or is something, some kind of miracle supposed to occur once you've complete everything written in it?
I'm incline to believe Yuri and Ringo only care about the diary and follow what's inside because Momoka wrote it. Ringo already gave up but Yuri is trying to get as close (way too close Yuri, way too close!) as possible to Momoka by accomplishing what is in the diary. But both Ringo and Yuri seem to ignore what the real purpose/power of the diary is.

Masako and PoC in the other hand want the diary to create some kind of miracle. Not clear yet clear what that is for PoC, but in Masako's case that would be saving Mario's life. Mario who, like Himari, survived so far thanks to Sanetoshi's apple (see the flashback in ep 09) and then capsules.

So, what if the diary was of the same nature than Sanetoshi's capsules, but much stronger?
In episode 12, we see Sanetoshi collecting one apple which he transform into a capsule (to make it easier to ingest?). But when he collect it, the doctor's body disappears at the same time . Could it be that those capsules require human sacrifice? Or at least, when their time is up (as symbolized by the apple) Sanetoshi collects their bodies and turn them into elixir. I've no idea how but I doubt the process is important.
Then could it be that when Momoka died, her body too transformed? Not in elixir, but in the diary? And now Momoka's diary = Momoka's body. I've noted the elixir and the diary are of the same color and Mamoka's body was never found. Only her diary remained after the terrorist attack...

Now the biggest problem is that the diary has been torn in half . Hopefully there is a way to put it back together or any re-apparition of Momoka would be damn ugly

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The question now is, who is Momoka's reincarnation. Ringo? Mario? Himari? Btw, If someone gonna save Ringo, i will bet on Tabuki more than Natsume (who seems to be on Kanba's train till recently)
Why do you think she has been reincarnate? It's practically certain Momoka's soul is in the hat and she is the PoC. Do you think her soul has been split or something?

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So i think if Yuri is a hermaphrodite, the screen can be categorized both as futanari and yuri.
If the scene was anything else than sexual I would agree on the yuri part. But it's not. There are no shared feelings here, no romance between Ringo and Yuri. Only one predator lusting on her prey. You're entitled to your own belief, but I'm not going to agree that futanari rape scene = yuri.

Edit: on the last point, we would better wait next week to be sure there is anything to actually debate.
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