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Originally Posted by Gooral View Post
To me it clearly shows that Cassandra is way above Riful/Isley/Luciella/Alicia league. And I'm pretty sure that Roxanne will become the strongest of the three. Cassandra's huge disadvantage is her immobility (at least it looks that way). She reminds me of Destroyer which had so long reach that it didn't really need to move. It's still possible she might move very fast but her from suggests otherwise.
Agreed....she definitely seems akin to Agatha/Riful/Raciella in that she basically has almost no mobility, but a complete view of the battlefield around her; able to attack in almost any direction. The trick with something like that, is being able to get outside her range-of-attack -- getting to her, before she gets to you.

Though personally, I do not think she is as strong as either Priscilla or all honesty, her Awakened form is disappointing as I was expecting something smaller and more human-sized like Prissy's. Her large size puts her at a huge advantage against smaller human-sized opponents - again, so long as you are quick and/or suppressed that you can stay hidden or away from her attacks, she's almost defenseless. It's all about taking advantage of her lack of mobility.


At any rate, now that I have power again in my house, I am able to read patiently the (translated no less) chapter -- since I wasn't reading in a rush, I was momentarily shocked when Hysteria appeared to have died....but what gets me is this -- apparently since it was intended from the start that all 3 would awaken, what does this mean for her? If this "automatic" process would not have taken place, would Hysteria really have died?

That's what I don't get from the Miria's dialog -- she says that "even though you have died before, I didn't want to kill a fellow warrior" are we supposed to take it? Truthfully in that, that is the case, in which Miria is only "defeating" and knocking her out, or in a more sarcastic/regretful way in that she was pushed to killing her because that was the only way to subdue her.

Either way, at least I now understand more this chapter, especially the end with Roxanne - I really did not understand whatsoever what was going on, partially due to my initial rush reading, but now I see the tentacles are coming from her - in that she is awakening against her will. Either way, it looked like Roxanne was also going to be killed anyway; as I described before, her actions this chapter were very akin to Ophelia against that tentacle AB -- her insanity seemed to overrule her better judgment...but while Ophelia lucked out in that the AB didn't rip her head off, it seemed like Roxanne was about to killed off as well. I didn't want Cassie to awaken, but now that I see all of them awakening was inevitable, I strangely don't feel so disappointed. I still wonder about her future the most out of all the three.

What also intrigues me is my impression of Dae; my first reading of the raw with the translations (, made me feel that he was almost on his deathbed...that, not just the end of the Org, but that he felt that his life was at an end, and before he died, he wanted to witness Priscilla....logical I suppose -- after all, if Priscilla shows up, he surely can't expect to survive. What gets my attention though is that I didn't get this feeling the second time around....just a feeling perhaps, but I feel their's something we haven't been told yet or we are not expecting -- such as, perhaps he has another card to play. If Priscilla truly does shows up, their's a good likelihood that she'll shred everyone and everything in sight, with him included....but I didn't get that same feeling this time -- I don't think he wants Priscilla to show up so he'll see his greatest achievement before he dies...he wants Priscilla to show up, but he has something in mind afterward.

So yes, it's all just a feeling, but if nothing else, it shows how much feelings can change overtime about a single chapter -- I definitely don't feel the end is in sight; it may appear that way with the Org's apparent demise, but regardless if they do fall....things are far from over, and Dae (and Rubel as well) still have tricks up their sleeve.

One more intriguing thing....the way Dae goes on about Priscilla...makes me wonder.....what about Teresa? what are his feelings about her? Does he really favor Hysteria/Roxanne/Cassandra merely out of favoritism, or because he always saw them as the strongest they ever did? It appears to be the latter, the way he wants to see Priscilla, but what does that say about Teresa and his feelings/knowledge/awareness/etc about her? About her power and potential?

Regardless of how we feel on the Teresa/Priscilla debate, both of them have unspeakable praise one so much, almost demands the same for the other...and his lack of attention to her feels iffy -- was he not aware of her potential, of her power? And if so, what does that say for all the other No.1's that he had in his collection? We know the Org wasn't exactly up-to-date on warrior's true power and potential; does Dae fit into that category as well?

Thing is, his way of talking about the new warriors and Priscilla seems that he likes them for their power, and not simply out of favoritism or "affection".....really, time will tell how truly strong these warriors are, now especially that they are awakened (though personally, thus far, Cassie does not fit the bill in being someone stronger then an AO, like Priscilla, like they were seemingly aiming for), but nevertheless, their's something very wrong in nothing being said of Teresa.
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