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Mmm... I just want to apologize I might had completely misled the mystery aspect of this series. It is definitely not the traditional crime investigation + many clues type of mystery T___T. The initial review I read elsewhere was very much misleading.

This is more like The Ring + Final Destination + Chou Shoujo Reiko + The Shining kinda.

Again, really, really sorry about the false intro, especially to Kaisos Erranon

PS: The first 300 or so pages of the book is kinda slow and just setting up, and pace didn't really start getting tight around page 400 or so (out of a 677 pages), so ... just keep that in mind, and I will probably steer clear of this thread for the duration of the anime. Accidental spoilers are probably the last things anyone want for a mystery series. Enjoy everyone and have fun speculating!!!

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