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Originally Posted by Detective-san View Post
Doing fine.

Arachne uses a Spiderman IS.
Does it by chance look like this? :

Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
Esquivel twins: Bundles of talent, lots of synergy, have fun! They, Gin and Erika for the 2nd girl group, HEMISPHERE.
Ange: Us, as idols?
Monique: So it seems according to his statement.
Ange: So Moniuqe, shall we bite it?
Monique: So Ange, should we hit it?
A/M: We'll get back to you.

speaking of which, I once again ask the masses...

Which of these pics suit the twins? (look at my post regarding them here)

Choice 1: First Approved Pic
Choice 2: Pic 1's Alternate Suggestion in the initial round of questioning.
Choice 3: Appended Suggestion 1
Choice 4: Appended Suggestion 2
Choice 5: Appended Suggestion 3
Choice 6: Appended Suggestion 4 - my fave among the appended suggestions.

Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
The idol-maker/galge [IS ~SHOOTiNG ST@RS~ Marvelous World Tour] will feature all 113+++ idols!
*On Gerard's Blog "InSanity InSight IntroSpect and more InSanity*

This game needs a Surgeon General's Warning on the amount of time it would need to complete each route- as well as the excess amounts of fanservice, moe and almost every single fetish. I just hope the first person who managed to complete this would not die or go bankrupt.

If you do buy this game, please exercise proper mixing with RL, and good luck on your epic quest.
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