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.........But that's stupid

Believe me, I get what you're saying, but I hate that way of thinking - that kind of thinking that still undoubtedly stems a bit from the Org's teachings; that the warriors feel like it's their obligation to still kill all Yoma/Awakened Beings/etc and they have no choice but to stay and fight...

That's dumb; almost suicidal drone-thinking. They don't have to fight just for the sake of it - especially when their's bigger things going on like survival to consider. It's one thing if fighting and taking on the Abyssals was the only way out, but to fight them just for the sake of it out of some heroism/altruism or this need to purge the world of all Awakened etc...

I mean really, if that's the true reason why Miria and the warriors stayed at Pieta despite the obvious route of simply leaving en masse...I would be so pissed off -___-.
I am not sure I would call it dumb, but rather ideological focused. Consider that Claymores have virtually no material or even kin connection with the world anymore and they are in essence on borrowed time (awakening). What else do they have left besides fighting Yoma and comrades? If not altruistic warriors then what? I am not advocating reckless suicide, but ever since Claymore began I do not think the characters followed strict pragmatic guide lines. Just look at Miria in the Slasher's arc. It is easy to say do this or that, but if the lives of Claymores are just one big joke then why not die as one pleases, fighting monsters.

Furthermore, most of the characters in the story are extremely ideologically driven. Claire, Miria, Galatea, Jean, Raki, human Priscilla, Teresa, and so forth really are extremes of certain traits in some respects. Priscilla awakened to protect her notion of justice. Claire became a Claymore willingly. Raki was happily willing to become a human shield and abused by Claire. Jean let herself become impaled to save Claire. Galatea blinded herself and attracted her executioners in order to save Rabona. Dauf let himself become infected to fight Priscilla one last time. Alicia awakened to fight alongside her sister till the end. Rafaela broke her sister's back and merged with her. Miria was prepared to break the iron rule and thus accept death in return. The words practical and pragmatism are not present in these characters' dictionaries.

Most importantly, Miria, perhaps the greatest Care-Bear of all time, OF ALL TIME is present.
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