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@era-era: I have no idea what I'm doing but I'll throw some stuff out.

Houki's kid:
speech: Choose my future! Or-or-or I'll beat you up!
antic: I challenge you to a duel!

Cecilia's kid:
speech: Please pick my future dear father. Mother and I will ensure your happiness.
antic: I will show you how great of a daughter/son I am!

Rin's kid:
speech: Mama cooks lots and lots of great food! She doesn't do that for just anyone you know? You should come with me!
antic: Do you really not want everyone to know you saw auntie charlotte in the shower before the male bath incident?

Charlotte's kid:
speech: Mommy will miss you, she thinks a lot about you.
antic: "I'll be a good boy/girl" 'pick mommy pick mommy pick mommy'

Laura's kid:
speech: You're coming with me!
antic: Isn't making papa breakfast in nothing but an apron something a daughter should do?(Clarissa should prolly segregate her ecchi from pure shoujo)

Tatenashi's kid:
speech: If you choose my route then you'll have everything you could ever want, and trust me when I say what we offer has nothing to do with money *wink*.
antic: Oh, I seem to have gotten a hold of dad and mom's honeymoon photo album...

Kanzashi's kid:
speech: You're mom's, no one else's. you're... the destined person *blush*
antic: I need to make dad realize mom's the only one for him... but how? Reads manga... a red string tied around the pinkie is a sign of destinies entwined...

Honne's kid:
speech: Mommy thinks you're reeeeeaaaaaaaaaal cool. She told me that you're the bestest best ever!
antic: daddy! daddy! play!

Ran's kid:
speech: Get together with mom! You have to!
antic: They have to meet. If they meet up a lot, then father will have to see how great mom is!

Chelsea's kid:
speech: My mom is definitely the best choice for you. Why? Well, give her a try and find out ^_^
antic: I could tell you more but it's more fun if you figure things out. Though mom said you can be quite thick sometimes so here's a clue.

Chifuyu's kid:
speech: Even though I don't know whether I should call you dad or uncle, I want you to get together with mom. I don't want to hear anything about how weird it is. Just do it.
antic: You will be mom's husband but before that I'll have to train you till you're good enough.

Tabane's kid:
Speech: hey, hey, why aren't you with mommy? She's always looking out for you and loving you even though you don't know so why don't you love her back as much?
antic: beep! bam! blang! bing! Hmhmhmhfufufufu! This machine will definitely get mom and dad closer!

@zero:Astra Exodus is a machine which can be considered an offshoot of the Infinite Stratos. The two are essentially similar, differing only that the Astra Exodus does not use an IS core. Instead, the Astra Exodus is powered by a monopole engine that makes use of proton decay for its energy production. Because of the lack of the IS core, many functions unique to the IS core such as “personalization”, “quantization”, and going into succeeding shifts as well as “one off” abilities are all not available to the AE.

The AE was originally called Alternative Equipment. Despite its specs which are speculated to be on the level of IS, the control system still leaves much to be desired. The neural control system has yet to be fully functional so it is very difficult to move, normally. This can be bypassed by the neuro-signal quantum connection system which controls the motion of the AE's individual removable parts by directly linking brain waves. However the use of the system leads to great mental fatigue and sometimes even brain death.

Spoiler for AE-001 Swordbreaker's armaments:
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