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Originally Posted by Katapan View Post
Returning with such an announcement is pretty damn classy if I may say so! Welcome back, good to see you again.

The wait for this spring is looking harder and harder. I can spot 6 series I am really anticipating, as opposed to, eh... 1 for this winter.
The Flowers cover is quite a tease though, I'm still hoping to get a Mizushiro Setona anime one day, and having Shitsuren Chocolatier featured like that with no anime announcement in sight... :@

Thanks, it's good to be back I'm a little behind on the 2011 anime, but in no time I'll catch up with everything.

Soon (maybe next month) I'll be starting a new mini-project thread which I'm not saying what it is currently lol, it's amongst the "New announced..." type of threads, hopefully people will like it.
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