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AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2011: Nominations

Nomination Phase

Voting Phase

Welcome everyone to the 2011 AnimeSuki Choice Awards! Every year for the past five years we’ve been holding a competition where members of the AnimeSuki community can vote for the best anime of the year. There have been some changes to the awards since last year so please read the rules and voting procedure.
Award details

Quick Start

Vote tallying is automated this year so pay attention!

You may vote in the following categories:

-{A1}- [Action/Adventure]
-{A2}- [Fantasy]
-{A3}- [Science-Fiction]
-{A4}- [Mystery/Horror]
-{A5}- [Comedy]
-{A6}- [Slice of Life]
-{A7}- [Drama/Tragedy]
-{A8}- [Romance]
-{A9}- [Fanservice/Ecchi/Moe]
-{A0}- [Sports/Game/Hobby]
-{B1}- [TV series]
-{B2}- [Movie/OVA/Shorts]
-{C1}- [Storyline/Plot]
-{C2}- [Adaptation]
-{C3}- [Original Story]
-{C4}- [Female Main Character]
-{C5}- [Male Main Character]
-{C6}- [Female Supporting Character]
-{C7}- [Male Supporting Character]
-{C8}- [Antagonist]
-{D1}- [Visuals/Animation]
-{D2}- [Opening/Ending Song]
-{D3}- [Soundtrack]

Just copy the text above and paste in your post then write after each category (that is after the category name, not inside) your favorites separating each by a comma. If you do not wish to cast a vote in certain category just delete the line with the category. The category name along with their tags (ie. A1, A2, etc) and their formatting must be present as written above, or the vote will not be counted.

For character categories all entries must be in the format: Character Name / Series Name (or Character - Series if the character or series contains a / too, or you just prefer it that way). If it contains both make sure the ones in the names don't have spaces. The correct version of both separator variants is with the extra spaces.

That's all there is to it, have fun!

If you require examples or a more indepth explanation, along with information on how to make your post more fancy, read the How-To Guide bellow:
Spoiler for Indepth Guide to Voting:
If you require information on what each category refers to, please refer to the following descriptions:
Spoiler for Category Descriptions:

Previous Winners:
2010 Winners
2009 Winners
2008 Winners
2007 Winners

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