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Hi -- I'm going to re-open this thread now, but I need to make a few ground rules:

1. Do not attack someone else's work because you don't like the ship they favour
This should go without saying, but fanfiction is designed to explore possibilities that may or may not be canon, and everyone has their preferences. You are welcome to criticize a fanfiction for its qualities and provide your opinion about it, but if the main criticism comes down to "I can't stand that you paired so-and-so with so-and-so", and so on, do not post. Any shipping-related attacks or off-topic tangents will be deleted, and the poster may be warned, infracted, and/or banned.

2. Do not attack other posters providing either fanfictions or opinions in this thread
If someone is posting something that is tantamount to flamebait (see the point above), please just report it and let the mods handle it. Do not take the bait. If you take the bait and respond to the flame, you too will be warned or infracted for not doing the right thing. It doesn't matter "who started it". Also, people who have "grudges" against each other should just ignore each other (there's even a Forum option for that!). If these sorts of grudge matches are allowed to flare-up in this thread, both parties may be asked/required to leave.

3. Do not post about or link to any content that is forbidden by our Forum Rules
I know that the fanfiction community often includes various forms of explicit work, whether that involves sexual content, or other material. No adult content may be linked-to in this thread, and all discussion must remain PG-13. I would also mention that this includes works that feature graphic depictions of violence including any form of sexual violence. That doesn't mean you can only post happy-go-lucky fiction, but nothing that would go beyond our usual "PG-13" rating.

Of course, all the other Forum Rules continue to apply. If you haven't read the rules recently, please look them over. Claiming ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, as you were all required to agree to the rules when you joined this Forum.

So anyway, with all that said, I hope that everyone can have fun and enjoy posting about all the fun, interesting, and exciting aspects of the greater Nanoha universe! If you have any concerns about these rules, please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Staff. And again, if you see any problematic posts, please report it. All reports are confidential between you and the staff. Thanks!!
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