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EDIT 2/1/12: It turns out that the scans this summary was based on were missing a couple of pages and were partially out of order. The missing parts don't add any substantial information, but I'll link a corrected version here once I've posted it.


Well, this ended up being more detailed than I intended, but here's my summary of Our Confession. I also did a full translation of Dlanor's foreword and a couple speeches that seemed important or interesting.

A couple points beforehand:
  • The manuscript proper has both game board narration by Piece-Beatrice and notes by Meta-Beatrice. I used "Beato" for the meta one and "Piece-Beatrice" for the game board one.
  • If anyone knows who that aide of Dlanor's is, let me know and I'll fix the name.

Spoiler for Dlanor and Beato:

Spoiler for Dlanor's Foreword:

Spoiler for Accomplices:

Spoiler for 1st Twilight:

Spoiler for 2nd Twilight:

Spoiler for 5th, 6th, 8th Twilights:

Spoiler for 7th Twilight:

Spoiler for 4th Twilight:

I'll probably have more thoughts about this later when I'm not half-asleep, but for the time being:
  • With the exception of one line that I'm not even sure about, Battler doesn't appear anywhere in the narrative. I know it's a work-in-progress, but it seems odd that the main character's actions wouldn't be accounted for.
  • Solid accomplice motives all around... except for Genji, who is a stone wall again and just does whatever Beato wants without any backstory. What's going on here? Piece-Beatrice herself is pretty clear that she's in a fiction, so is this confirmation that they're using meta motives?
  • Speaking of which, Shkanon is super-confirmed, Erensel. Sorry. Despite that, there's only the slightest pretense that they're different people when they're alone with each other. Shannon and Kanon help set up their own murder scenes and chat amiably with Beatrice without any particular drama.
  • I'm about 75% sure that Meta-Beatrice is Ikuko.
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