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Chapter 2

“Wow, Akemi-san is so incredible!”

That's what everybody at my school was saying due to Homura achieving a prefectural record in high jump competition. It certainly was incredible to see how high she can jump! Part of me felt very jealous that I had no talents anywhere near as impressive as that...

I must admit that I'm also a bit scared of and unnerved by Homura, and the constant attention that she gives me. After she accomplished that high jump feat, she looked straight at me with such piercing eyes! It instinctively made me move behind Sayaka for protection, while I gripped her shoulder.

There's no doubt that Homura is very cool and talented, but there's something about her that deeply frightens and worries me. As such, I decided to discuss that with Sayaka and Hitomi over dinner at a restaurant.

“Wait, what?!” Sayaka exclaimed to me in question after I revealed to her and Hitomi everything that Homura had said to me.

“I don't get it...” I said to that, as I really couldn't make much sense out of it myself.

“I thought she was a genius beauty, smart, and athletically talented, but she's just a nut!” Sayaka stated, based on what I had told her, “How many points is that transfer student trying to show off?!”

I don't think that Homura is trying to show off, but her intentions are a real mystery to me, and that's what concerns me the most.

“Is this really your first meeting with Akemi?” Hitomi asked of me.

I wasn't sure how exactly to answer that properly...

“Hhmmmm...” I began in answer, “In all reality, yeah, but...”

“So what, you recognize her from unreality or something?” Sayaka asked in turn.

'Unreality' made me think of the latest SHAFT anime I had watched with Hitomi and Sayaka, and I thought about joking about that, but I decided to stay on topic.

“Well...” I continued, “I feel like I met her in a dream last night...”

Sayaka and Hitomi started laughing loudly at that. I hate it when people laugh at me when I tell the truth, because the only alternative is to lie, and I don't like lying!

“Wow, you're trying to make an impression too?” Sayaka jokingly asked.

“Meanie!” I shouted to her, “I really am wondering about it!”

“I've got it!” Sayaka said teasingly in reply, “This is fate! You're destined friends, brought together by the universe itself!”

Sayaka probably meant it jokingly, but there was a strange ring of truth to what she said there. Before I had a chance to think much on it, though, Hitomi asked me more about the dream I had with Homura in it.

“What kind of dream was it?” Hitomi asked.

“I don't really remember” I answered, “Just that it was something weird.”

I admittedly did remember how Mitakihara Town was getting wrecked in my dream, but I didn't want to bring up that specific detail, since it might make me seem crazy to my friends.

“Maybe you really did meet her.” Hitomi said, “And she just left so strong an impression that, even though you don't remember her, she popped up in a dream.”

“Isn't that a bit far-fetched?” Sayaka asked of the idea, “It's just a coincidence.”

Well... one of them is probably right. Both ideas sound like reasonable explanations for why I saw Homura in a dream before I really met her. Still, the fact is I've seen a lot of different girls in various dreams lately, many of those girls being ones I've never met before! Maybe I should reveal that to Hitomi and Sayaka to see what they make of it? I'm afraid they might laugh at me again if I reveal that to them, but on the other hand, it might be nice to get their take on it.

Choice 3:

A) Talk to Sayaka and Hitomi about the other dreams I've had.

B) Keep those other dreams private.

If you choose B, skip over Response A.

Spoiler for Response A:

“Wow, it's already this late.” Hitomi said, since our conversation had basically ended, “Sorry, I've got to get going.”

With Hitomi about to leave for Tea Ceremony, Sayaka asked me if I would accompany her to the record store. No doubt she wanted to pick up something for Kamijo. I decided to accompany her.

While at the record store, Sayaka and I decided to put on some head-phones and listen to some nice music. A love of classical music, enka music, and pop music is something we share in common. But while I was listening to a pop song with a great beat, I heard something cry out 'Help me!' to me!

This prompted me to take off my head-phones to see if what I heard was due to a malfunction with the head-phones. But the voice persisted!

'Please, help me!' the voice shouted again.

For all the weird dreams and meetings I've had lately, this is the weirdest yet! Still, I hated the thought of not listening to a cry for help.

Opportunity Choice 1:

If you chose C for Choices 1 and 2, and chose A for Choice 3, you may now choose to ignore the cries for help. If you decide to ignore the cries for help, please read the following section. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Madoka chooses to ignore the cries for help:

Not wanting to turn away someone who needs my help, I started to focus in on the voice crying out to me. I cupped my hand to my ear, and listened carefully to the voice to see if I could determine where it was coming from.

I walked downstairs, and noticed that a floor had been closed for remodeling. Still, the cries for help persisted, and seemed to be coming from just that floor, so I cautiously opened the door to it and walked through. It was very musky and dimly lit, with only hazy natural light shining in through the wide open sides near the end of the floor.

Suddenly, and much to my shock, a ceiling tile gave way right above me, and a badly injured animal came crashing down from it! I loudly gasped at the sight of how harshly hurt he was! I quickly but gently gathered him up into my arms.

“You?” I asked towards him, to determine if the voice had been coming from him.

“Help me!” he cried to me again, in a weak voice.

But then... a large chain came crashing down to the ground, frightening me. As I looked at where it had fallen, I saw Homura standing behind it! It was hard to fully make out in the darkness, but I could tell she was wearing darker and different attire from her student uniform.

“Homura!” I cried out to her.

“Stand back.” she stated to me.

Why would she want me to stand back? This poor animal needs help!

“But he's hurt!” I shouted to her.

He had scars and wounds over his body, and his breathing was raspy. Homura just stood there. Was she the one who did this to him?!

“No!” I cried out to her, “Don't be mean!”

“This has nothing to do with you” she said, as she walked towards me.

“But he called out to me!” I shouted back at her, “I heard him ask me for help!”

“I see” Homura said.

Homura then came to a stop, and the two of us made eye contact. It was... very intense! It was like a blinking contest, both literal and figurative! I didn't know what to do next, as Homura didn't seem willing to back down.

Just when I thought the situation would be too much for me, Sayaka came to the rescue! She shot off a fire extinguisher at Homura, dousing Homura with its contents.

“Over here, Madoka!” she shouted to me.

“Sayaka!” I cried out to her, while I sprinted over towards her, and then moved behind her while she continued to hold the fire extinguisher in her hands.

Once the fire extinguisher had been completely used up, Sayaka threw it away, and the two of us raced off, while I continued to hold this little animal in my hands.

“She's running around in cosplay?!” Sayaka shouted while we sprinted alongside one another, “What's her problem?!”

“What is that thing anyway?” she asked of me, referring to the animal I was holding in my hands, “It doesn't look like a stuffed animal. Is it alive?”

“I don't know!” I shouted in exasperated answer, “I don't know, but I've got to save him!”

While Sayaka and I continued running, the scenery all around us... became breathtakingly bizarre! I could see... Butterflies wearing crowns! Barbed wire on fences! Mounds of reddish dirt all over the place!

“Huh?” asked Sayaka, stunned by this sight just as I was, “Where's the emergency exit? Where are we?”

“What is this place?” I asked, in absolute astounded amazement, “It's changing all around us!”

I saw... eyes against a blue background of nothingness. Old British men in top hats but with their faces shrouded. Black horses on their two hind legs. It all came out of nowhere! None of it seemed real!

“What's going on?!” Sayaka exclaimed in frenzied question.

We were truly starting to panic!

“Something's there!” I cried out, as I heard lots of squeaky rustling feet moving behind me.

When I turned about to see what was causing that sound, I saw... I saw the same things that were chasing me in one of the dreams I recently had!

Sayaka and I were soon surrounded on all sides by them, and they started making these high-pitched chants. The floor beneath us became... became too weird to even try to describe! It was like something straight out of the mind of Akiyuki Shinbo, only made real!

Sayaka wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and held me close to her. It gave me just enough comfort and reassurance to keep me from going crazy! I was glad that she sought to protect me, even while she took a defensive posture herself.

“This has to be some sort of joke...” she said, as she pulled me in closer and backed away, “I have dreams like this sometimes. Right, Madoka?”

Sayaka and I were at our wits end! What was going on? How could we possibly fight these things?! Large, clunky chains started falling all around us! Could anybody save us?!

But then, suddenly... a brilliantly bright rainbow-coloured light emanated out from below us, in a large circular shape! Right after a large explosion that seemed to push everything away from us!

“Huh? What's this?” Sayaka asked, as that rainbow-coloured light started to dissipate.

“That was a close one” came a strong and very elegant voice, “But it's all okay now.”

Sayaka and I turned around to face where the voice was coming from. There before us was a blonde girl walking towards us... and she was wearing the same student uniform as we had on! And... and I think she was the same girl that I had seen in one of my dreams! Part of me wanted to shout that out, but I was just so relieved to be helped by her... just as she had helped me in my dream. She was holding a large yellowish egg-shaped gem in her hands.

“Oh, you saved Kyubey” she said towards me, “Thanks. He's a dear friend of mine.”

“He called out to me!” I replied to her, “His voice popped into my head!”

“I see” she responded, “Those uniforms are from Mitakihara, aren't they. You're, what, eight-graders?”

“... Who are you?” asked Sayaka in turn, as she and I were both eager to find out who this elegant and charming blonde girl is.

“Oh, right, I forgot to introduce myself.” she replied, while raspy metallic coil-like branches threateningly came out of the ground behind her, “But first...”

She then spun about like a beautiful ballerina, and threw the yellowish egg-shaped gem into the air. She then clicked her heels, and it was like brightly coloured but transparent flowers started appearing around her!

“There's something I need to finish up!” she exclaimed, while holding her gem in the two palms of her dramatically outstretched arms.

Scintillating swerving streaks of yellowish tinted rainbow light emanated out of her gem, and began to engulf her! A thunderous gush of wind struck against Sayaka and I while this blonde girl t-transformed!! Her new outfit was so gorgeous and so majestically cool!

She summoned forth... an army of muskets! While she jumped and practically flew in the air! All the muskets shot off in rapid and almost simultaneous succession! Their loud blasts filled the air! It was like.. it was like one of the historical wars I had read about in school! It was like Napolean at Waterloo, or the American Civil War!

After creating an enormous explosion, this bodacious blonde bombshell landed on her feet, with all the agility of a cat! Sayaka's mouth was agape in awe, as was my own!

~Wow!~” I exclaimed.

And then... the scenery somehow turned back to normal. I was so thankful and relieved! However, I was still getting over everything that had just happened.

Part of me wanted to rush at this blonde girl, and thank her profusely for saving Sayaka and I!

Choice 4:

A) Regain your composure, and wait to see what happens next.

B) Run at the blonde girl from behind, wrap your arms around her, and thank her!

Spoiler for Response A:

Spoiler for Response B:

In an adjacent room, the blonde girl used some sort of... glowing power... to heal the injured animal I had helped rescue.

“Thanks, Mami!” he said to her, “You saved me!”

“You should thank them” Mami said to Kyubey, referring to Sayaka and me, “I just happened to pass by.”

Kyubey then turned about to face Sayaka and I. I have to admit that he looked really cute! Like one of my many plushy toys!

“Thanks! I'm Kyubey!” he shouted to Sayaka and I.

“Did you call out to me?” I asked him.

“Yeah, Madoka Kaname! And Sayaka Miki!” he exclaimed in answer.

“How do you know our names?” asked Sayaka.

“I came here to ask you something!” he began in explanation, “I want you to form a contract with me and become magical girls!”

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