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I'm really glad you're enjoying the fanfic, Coldlight! I'll respond more comprehensively to you elsewhere.

Chapter 3 is now finished. The first half of Madoka Magica Episode 2 is kind of slow, so this might not be as fun a read as the first two Chapters, but hopefully it's Ok at least.

Also, naamio, I'll understand it if all of these secondary effects of choices can't be factored into the VN version of this. If they can't be, just go with what happened in the first half of Episode 2 for this Chapter 3.

Here's Chapter 3!


Chapter 3

“I want you to form a contract with me and become magical girls!”

That request from Kyubey has dominated my thoughts a lot since he made it to Sayaka and I. It's probably why I had yet another weird dream last night, in which I met a beautiful buxom blonde girl named “Mami Tomoe”, who is a ninth grader at my school, and who proclaimed herself as a magical girl contracted with Kyubey. But lately my dreams seem to be turning into reality...

That's why even after breathing a deep sigh over this latest dream, I was only a little startled by Kyubey sitting amongst my beloved plushies and wishing me a good morning. It seems like I'm already getting used to all of the new weirdness in my life. It probably helps that I'm a fan of anime, especially SHAFT anime, and ironically enough, magical girl anime! I just love how creative and colourful they are!

But never in my wildest dreams did I think that magical girls could exist in the real world. Just as my brother watches super-sentai shows and dreams of being that kind of hero, I used to watch a lot of magical girl shows, and dream of being like one of them. I loved the idea of being pretty, powerful, pleasant. A heroic helpful hand to people in need. But now that this dream role appears to be a real option for me, I oddly find myself having second thoughts about it. I wonder why that is?

My mama had different wonders though.

“You were getting home late last night, Madoka.” she said to me, while we brushed our teeth alongside one another.

“An upperclasswoman invited me over.” I explained

Hopefully mama will be comforted by the fact I was with an older girl, at least.

“I'm not going to go on about your curfew, but you should at least poke your head in before dinner.” mama stated.

She had a point, I have to admit.

“Sorry.” I apologized to her.

I then noticed Kyubey bathing ever so contentedly in a small hot bath. Mama had somehow not noticed him at all. So people really can't see him unless he wants them to. As I continued to brush my teeth, I thought back on what it was like to visit Mami-san's home last evening....

Mami had invited both Sayaka and I over to her place so she could explain more about the many weird but wondrous things that we've seen and heard lately. Sayaka and I were really impressed by how neat, tidy, and elegant Mami's room was! It was truly wonderful.

“I live alone, so don't worry about bothering anyone” Mami said to Sayaka and I, while her hands were neatly folded behind her back, “I'm sorry that I'm not really prepared for guests.”

Wow, Mami is impressively mature for a ninth-grader! It's hard to believe she's only a year older than I am.

Mami treated Sayaka and I to some tea and cake, and it was delicious! It was splendid comfort food, and Sayaka and I both made sure to show our happy appreciation to Mami for it. However, Mami didn't waste any time getting straight to the point.

“Now that Kyubey's chosen you, you're involved” she said to Sayaka and I, “So I thought an explanation was in order.”

“Sure, whaddaya wanna hear?” Sayaka asked earnestly while nodding her head.

“I think she means the other way around, Sayaka...” I said with a bit of amusement.

After a brief chuckle, Mami showed us the yellowish egg-shaped gem she had used to transform into a magical girl! She told us that it was called a Soul Gem.

“It's a jewel born forth when a girl contracts with Kyubey” she explained, “The source of their mystic power, and proof that they're a magical girl.”

“Contracts?” asked Sayaka, wanting to clarify exactly what that meant.

“I'll fulfill any one of your wishes!” exclaimed Kyubey, while perched atop the lovely transparent glass dining table.

... Really?!” Sayaka asked.

Wishes?” I said, almost to myself, at the thought of something so whimsical and magical being granted in real life...

“It doesn't matter what!” Kyubey confidently confirmed, “I'll make miracles happen!”

After taking in a large breath of air, Sayaka started to openly muse over what this could mean.

“Fabulous riches?! Immortality?! Maybe even a feast fit for an Emporer!” were the instant ideas that she expressed to us.

“That last one is kind of...” I stated, once more amused by Sayaka's words.

“But in exchange” Kyubey stated, “Those who hold one of these jewels – a Soul Gem – has the duty to fight witches.”

“Witches?” I had asked, a bit breathlessly, a bit nervous over the idea of actually fighting something as mysterious as that.

I now began to focus anew on the present, having become a bit lost in recent memories.

“Hey, mama” I began to ask of her, as I really wanted her advice here, “Wha-What if you were told that magic would make any of your wishes come true? What would you do?”

“I'd get rid of both the chief partners at my company” she answered, without the slightest hesitation!

“Yeah, that's it” she continued on, “The President's getting way too old, but he says he won't retire until he has a replacement.”

I was surprised by Mama's answer! I thought she'd be taken aback by what I had asked her, and even question the very premise of it. But she accepted it so easily, and took it all in stride. Now that I think about it, I guess that is like my Mama. She's such a strong woman! She's so ambitious too. I was amused at how she instantly thought of a wish that would let her rise higher at her company. I guess that Sayaka's ideas for a wish weren't so strange. It's probably only normal to want to use a wish to help yourself in some way.

With that thought in my mind, I continued to think back to my visit over to Mami's place last evening.

“So what's a witch?” Sayaka had asked of Kyubey, “Are they different from magical girls?”

“If magical girls are born from wishes, then witches are born from curses” Kyubey answered, “If magical girls spread hope, then witches scatter despair. Made all the more horrible in that normal humans can't see them. Unease and suspicion. Consumption with rage and hatred. They sow the seeds of catastrophe through the world.”

“Quite a few unexplained suicides and murders are caused by witches' curses” Mami added, “Their formless malevolence eats away at men from within.”

Wow... witches seem so fearsomely terrible!

“If they're so dangerous, why doesn't anyone know about them?” asked Sayaka.

“Witches conceal themselves within a magical barrier, never to show themselves” answered Kyubey, “Like the labyrinth you two wandered into.”

“It was pretty dangerous in there” added Mami, “Most people who get sucked in never make it out alive.”

Now that I think about it, Mami is quite a courageous hero to face these sorts of extremely dangerous enemies and places. It's very admirable of her, but it's also very scary to think of. I felt a bit divided. Part of me wanted to compliment Mami on being such a wondrous hero, but another part of me wanted to tell her that she shouldn't risk her life like that. But one thing I wasn't divided on was how frightening I found all of this!

Choice 5

A) “And you fight against things that scary?”

B) “You're amazing, Mami! I wish I could be a hero like you, but I don't think I have the strength to be like that...”

C) “Are you sure you should be risking your life in such dangerous places?”

Spoiler for Response A:

Spoiler for Response B:

Spoiler for Response C:

“How about you come along on a witch hunt?” Mami asked of Sayaka and I.

Sayaka and I both perked up excitedly and with surprise over that offer!

“You can see for yourself what it means to fight witches” Mami said, “And it'll help you decide carefully whether there's something you want so badly you'd risk your life for it.”

And so that's what I have to look forward to later today, hunting witches with Mami! It was scary, but also pretty exciting. Before that, though, I had a day of school to get through. Time to meet up with Sayaka and Hitomi at the usual spot!

Read Lingering Effect 1 if you chose A for Choice 3. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Lingering Effect 1:

“Good morning!” I shouted out to Sayaka and Hitomi, after finally meeting up with them.

They wished me good morning in turn, but Sayaka turned about in complete shock at the sight of Kyubey on my shoulder!

'Good morning, Sayaka!' he shouted to her.

Sayaka remain stunned by Kyubey's appearance, no doubt worried about how to explain this all to Hitomi. She didn't yet know, as I already did, that Kyubey can hide his appearance from anybody that he doesn't want to be seen by!

“What's wrong, Sayaka?” asked Hitomi, at the sight of Sayaka standing still while stunned by Kyubey's appearance.

Thankfully, Sayaka quickly deduced the truth.

“We're the only ones who can see him, right?” she asked to me in a whisper, after rushing next to me.

“I guess” I replied, as I myself still wasn't sure exactly who Kyubey would allow to see him.

“Um...” said Hitomi, perplexed at what Sayaka and I could be discussing.

“It's nothing!” exclaimed Sayaka, while patting Hitomi's shoulder, “Let's just get going.”

But Sayaka would soon be startled again as Kyubey chose to reveal another one of his abilities.

'You can talk just by thinking.' he expressed to her with some sort of telepathy.

That caused Sayaka to come to another sudden halt! She then turned around and looked at Kyubey.

'We already have that kind of magical power?' she expressed back at him, with a question in her mind.

'No, I'm just passing messages.' he answered, 'It's fine, though. Nice and convenient!'

'This feels kinda weird...' Sayaka responded.

“What's gotten into you two?” asked Hitomi, as Sayaka and I finally continued to walk on towards school, “You keep looking like you're about to say something.”

If you Chose C for Choice 1, read 1C. Otherwise, read 1AB.

Spoiler for 1AB:

Spoiler for 1C:

After we all sat down at our desks, Sayaka addressed Kyubey.

'Hey, you look pretty unconcerned about being at school' she expressed with a thought.

'Why would I be concerned?' he replied in question.

'I told you, that girl from yesterday just transferred into our class.' Sayaka answered, 'Isn't she trying to kill you?'

'I think I'm safer at school.' Kyubey explained, 'Mami's here.'

'But she's a ninth-grader' I chimed in, 'Isn't she pretty far away?'

'Don't worry' Mami suddenly interjected with a thought, 'I can hear you loud and clear.'

'She's within range of my telepathy!' stated Kyubey

After I wished Mami a good morning, she made a good point to Sayaka and me.

'Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on you' she expressed, 'I don't think she'd go after him in public anyway.'

All of this discussion over Homura reminded me of what we had all discussed about her yesterday. It reminded me of how magical girls are at least a little bit competitive with one another. They sometimes compete over the rewards left by witches. So while a nice magical girl like Mami might simply want more friends and allies, other magical girls may prefer to work alone and not have there be many other magical girls around. That way, they could get more of those rewards without having to share.

But is that really why Homura said the things that she did to me? Was she just trying to avoid having to compete with me for the rewards that witches' left behind? I found that hard to believe, as I really don't think I'd be such a strong magical girl as to quickly gather up all of those rewards. So this left me very curious as to why Homura said the things that she said to me. Does it go back to the dream I had with her in it? But if such a large and powerful witch was to threaten the entire city, wouldn't Homura want help from other Magical Girls? It's all so confusing...

I guess that for now, I'll just go along with what Mami and Kyubey say. Also, I wanted to focus on happier thoughts.

So during the rest of the school-day, I started to doodle a bit. While thinking back on all the magical girl characters I had loved when I was younger, I thought of what might make the perfect magical girl outfit for me! First I drew Mami's magical girl outfit to use a point of reference, and then I tried to draw a magical girl outfit for myself that was similar to Mami's, but also with my own special touch.

To be honest, the idea of being a magical girl deeply appealed to me. Mami was very admirable and special, and I'd love to be more like her. I'd like to make a real positive difference in the world, partly since that would make me an useful person. But as it is right now, I'm not very talented, and I'm not very strong...

Becoming a magical girl could give me great power! The power necessary to be an effective hero. But then there's other factors to think about, such as if I'm truly willing to risk my life, and also what my wish should be?

I wonder if I should wish... for love?

So many thoughts flew about in my mind. So many questions. It occurred to me that I had already made some key choices simply to get where I am now. And it wouldn't be long before I'd have to make some more choices, and probably increasingly difficult ones...

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