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Chapter 5


That's what Mami shouted as she destroyed another witch, or at least I think it was a witch. This latest foe wasn't as large as the last witch we faced, and was thankfully much easier for Mami to overcome. Even so, Sayaka and I had taken cover behind a park bench during this latest fight. Sayaka had brought another bat with her, but this one had not been magically imbued.

“Wow, Mami, you're so cool!” exclaimed Sayaka, as she and I moved out from behind the park bench, and gazed up at Mami now perched upon a lamppost.

Since I think I'm developing... feelings for Mami, I also felt a bit shy at the thought of complimenting her so directly like that! However, I certainly wanted to...

Choice 8

A) “Y-yeah, you're the b-best, Mami-san!”

B) Just smile towards her.

Spoiler for Response A:

Spoiler for Response B:

“Yes, ma'am!” exclaimed Sayaka, as she lifted her bat up into the air as though saluting a commanding officer.

At the same time as Sayaka said that, Mami had leaped off of the lamppost to come to a clean landing on the park ground. So it seems that Mami is acrobatic even when not using magic! That worried me a bit. I had hoped that becoming a magical girl would bring added agility, and maybe even flight, but perhaps that wasn't so.

But as Mami walked and Kyubey sprinted towards me, I noticed something else!

“It didn't drop a Grief Seed.” I said, referring to the enemy that Mami had just defeated.

“That was just a familiar sloughed off of the actual witch” Kyubey began in explanation, “They don't carry Grief Seeds.”

“That wasn't a witch?” I asked, as I had previously thought it was a witch.

“Looks like we were way off” Sayaka said to me.

“It's not like we can just ignore familiars.” stated Mami, “If they grow to maturity, they become just like the witch they split off from. Let's go!”

We then all left to head to our respective homes, with Mami's being the first destination. It was a foggy night, but the sky was clear. It was an enchanting atmosphere that made for a nice leisurely walk home.

“Have either of you thought of a wish yet?” Mami asked, while we walked side-by-side.

Sayaka sighed deeply at that question, as she hadn't thought of a wish yet.

“Madoka?” she asked of me.

I also sighed deeply, as I hadn't thought of a wish either. Both Sayaka and I felt pretty embarrassed over that.

“Yeah, it's hard to decide when you're told to make up your mind right away.” Mami stated.

I loved how patient and understanding Mami was. She had carefully explained so much to Sayaka and I, and she had even taken us on a witch-hunt! She clearly wanted Sayaka and I to become magical girls ourselves, probably so she could have some help in fighting witches and familiars. I wanted to be more decisive so I could help Mami right away! Maybe I'd get a good idea for a wish by asking Mami what she wished for?

“What did you wish for, Mami?” I asked of her, while smiling sideways at her.

Mami came to a sudden stop at my question! She also sighed weakly. I could perceive an almost instant look of regret come over her. Oh no! I felt like I asked something that I shouldn't have, and that I had hurt her feelings...

“You don't have to tell me if you don't want to!” I shouted to her, as I hated the thought of hurting her feelings.

“For me...” Mami replied, as I think she began to reflect back on the wish she made, “I didn't really have much time to think about it. But I don't regret it. I'd rather live like this than have died there. But if you have the chance to think it over, I want you to consider it carefully. Because I wasn't able to.”

So Mami must have made a wish in order to save her life. She must have been in a life-threatening situation when Kyubey came along. It's a relief that Kyubey reached her before she died, but it's also sad that Mami could only use her wish as an emergency measure. My heart felt heavy with deep sympathy for Mami...

Sayaka similarly had someone special on her heart.

“Hey, Mami...” she asked of her, “Does my wish have to be for myself?”

“Heh?” asked Mami turning about at what Sayaka had asked, as I think it startled her a bit.

“I'm just asking hypothetically.” Sayaka continued, “What if there was someone far worse off than me, and I wished for something for him?”

“You mean Kamijo?” Kyubey asked in turn.

“I told you, it's just hypothetical!” shouted Sayaka, becoming a bit flustered over what Kyubey had asked

But Sayaka probably was thinking of Kamijo when she raised her hypothetical.

Before joining Mami on this most recent evening adventure, I asked Sayaka how Kamijo was doing since she had recently visited him at the hospital. She told me that, at first, he seemed to be uplifted by her bringing him a very rare Dawd Ostrakh music CD. Ostrakh is a great violinist, and was somebody that Kamijo had once hoped to be like when he grew up.

However, after listening to the CD, Kamijo broke down into tears. Sayaka explained to me that he was trying to sort of “play along” with the violin music that he was hearing by attempting to move his fingers to it. But they wouldn't move of course... Sayaka must be thinking of wishing for Kamijo's hand to be healed!

“There's no rule that the girl entering the contract has to be the one affected by the wish.” Kyubey stated to Sayaka, “There's precedent for it, too.”

“But you may not be satisfied by what happens.” Mami quickly interjected, “If you're fulfilling someone else's wish, you have to be very clear about what you yourself want. Do you want to fulfill his wish? Or do you want to be the person who fulfilled his wish?”

“Mami-san...” I said breathlessly, taken a bit aback at her cold frankness here.

“They sound similar, but they're completely different.” Mami said.

“That's a terrible way to put it.” stated Sayaka, as I could tell she was angered a bit by Mami's words.

“Sorry” said Mami, while forcing a smile towards Sayaka, “But I had to tell you. If you don't keep that in mind, you'll regret it.”

I think I could tell what Mami meant by all of this. It's kind of like the difference between giving someone a love-letter from a secret admirer, and giving someone a love-letter that's clearly signed as coming from you. In one case you'll receive any appreciation that might be felt over the love-letter, but in the other case you probably won't. The results are indeed completely different.

Sayaka was still a bit upset at Mami's words, but I think she calmed down a bit after giving it more thought, as I had done.

“You're right.” Sayaka said to Mami while forcing a smile, “I didn't even think of that. Sorry.”

“It's tough, I know” Mami replied, “There's no need to hurry.”

“I think they should hurry up!” Kyubey exclaimed.

“No.” stated Mami, “Girls hate boys who try to rush them into things.”

Mami and Sayaka then chuckled together over that line, as we continued to walk home. I was relieved that what looked like a potentially tense situation between Mami and Sayaka was resolved amicably.

Affection Calculation Time! An Opportunity Choice will now be made available to you depending on your affection level with Mami Tomoe. To determine your affection level, refer to the following data and calculate the net effect of your choices.

Spoiler for Mami Tomoe Affection Data:

Your overall affection level with Mami must be +2 or higher in order for Opportunity Choice 2 to become available. If it's +2 or higher, please read the following section. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Mami +2:

“It's not as simple as I thought” I said out loud, while laying on my bed in my pajamas.

“I can't really hurry you” stated Kyubey, “Even suggesting something is against the rules.”

“I can't just wish to be something, can I?” I asked, as I stared at my magical girl design that I had doodled.

“Madoka, do you simply desire power?” Kyubey asked.

“That's not it...” I responded.

Well, I didn't want power for its own sake. But to tell the truth, the idea of being powerful so I could put that power to good use in being useful and helping others did appeal to me a lot! Such power could also enable me to help Mami more, and I'd really like to be able to do that.

“It's just...” I continued in explanation to Kyubey, “I'm kinda dumb and I don't have any talents... Just being an amazing, awesome person like Mami would make me happy!”

“If you become a magical girl, you'll be far stronger than Mami” Kyubey said.

“Heh?” I asked, stunned by what Kyubey said here.

“No matter what you wish for, I can't even begin to imagine the size of the Soul Gem you'll bring forth” he stated, “I've never met one with this much potential before.”

I laughed a bit over what he was saying here, as it seemed totally impossible to me.

“Come on, you're pulling my leg.” I said to Kyubey.

“Nope.” Kyubey stated to me.

Before I had a chance to discuss it further with him, I heard a knock at the door. Papa needed my help with mama as she had come home in a bit of a drunken stupor. I helped him get her prepared for bed, while she voiced a lot of complaints related to her job. It made me wonder why she chose to work at her company. That was something Papa and I discussed over hot cocoa before I finally headed to bed to get some sleep.

While I slept, I had another strange dream, although I wasn't in this one. In my dream I saw Mami and Homura having a tense disagreement over Sayaka and I becoming magical girls. Their disagreement occurred very late at night, near a sparkling fountain. It ended on a horrible note, as Mami stated that she didn't think her next meeting with Homura could be settled with words alone...

Even though it was just a dream, it left me wanting even more for Homura to get along with Mami, Sayaka, and I.

After school, I met up with Sayaka at the hospital.

“Hey, sorry I kept you waiting” Sayaka said to me.

“Huh? Didn't you get to see Kamijo?” I asked her.

“They said it wasn't a good day.” Sayaka answered, “And after I came all the way out here....”

After that, Sayaka and I left the hospital. While walking by the outside of the hospital, though, I noticed something very troubling!

“What's up?” Sayaka asked me, as she noticed that my eyes had become fixated on a certain spot.

“What's that?” I asked, referring to what I was looking at.

This prompted Sayaka to look at it as well.

“It's a Grief Seed!” exclaimed Kyubey, as he was resting on my shoulder, “Stay back!”

Kyubey was right! It was a Grief Seed embedded inside of a crack in the wall!

“No way!” I shouted, “What's that doing here?!”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Kyubey, “We have to run away! It's about to form a barrier!”

“Madoka!” Sayaka shouted to me, “Did you get Mami's phone number?”

If you chose B for Opportunity Choice 2, read Observation OC2B.

Spoiler for Observation OC2B:

I waved my head back and forth to indicate “No” to Sayaka.

“Oh man.” said Sayaka, as she thought hard and fast on what do do, “Madoka! Go get Mami! I'll stay here and key an eye on it.”

“Wait!” I exclaimed in response.

I appreciated Sayaka's courage and desire to help, but her idea seemed recklessly dangerous to me!

“You can't!” exclaimed Kyubey to Sayaka, “The witch may not have come out yet, but if the barrier closes you'll be stuck inside! We may not make it back in time to save you!”

“Once it builds a labyrinth, we won't be able to track it!” responded Sayaka, “We can't just leave it in a place like this.”

After a tense pause, Kyubey leaped off of my shoulder and addressed me.

“You go ahead, Madoka.” he said, “I'll stay with Sayaka. When Mami gets here, she'll be able to find me using telepathy. I'll stay here with Sayaka and watch the Grief Seed. I'll be able to show Mami the shortest path in.”

“Thanks, Kyubey!” Sayaka said, deeply appreciating this gesture on his part.

And with that, I raced off to get Mami! This latest witch had to be dealt with. So many innocent people could get hurt by it, given that it was attached to the side of a hospital! I could tell that this was a crisis situation, and that time was of the essence here. I could only hope that I would be fast enough, and able to make the right choices when the need was greatest!

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