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Mami Lives Chapter 1

“Mami-san, wait! Please let me talk to you!”

That's what I shout out to her as I race behind her. But it doesn't help as she just keeps sprinting away, with tears in her eyes and shame in her heart.

I eventually lost sight of her, but I then made a quick guess that she was headed towards her home. So I decided to head there myself. I really hope that I find Mami there!

After arriving at her home, I came to a complete stop in order to catch my breath, and relax my aching legs. I then slowly walked up the flight of stairs that lead to the door to Mami's home.

“Mami-san, are you there?” I ask, after knocking on the door.

No response.

So I then tried for the handle, as I wanted to make sure if she was home or not. The door was locked. I wasn't sure if that was because Mami had locked her door when she left her home earlier today, or if it was because she was now inside her home with the intention of locking everybody else out while she stayed inside alone. Just to be on the safe side, I decide to shout out to her.

“Mami, if you're there, please let me in!” I exclaimed.

No response.

“I really want to talk to you.” I continued in a softer voice, “You're my friend, and so I want to help you out if you're not feeling well. Don't shut your friends out when you need help!”

Still no response.

If Mami was there, she had made a choice to not talk with me. There's nothing I could do about that, so after feeling a bit dejected, I decided to turn around and try to meet back up with Sayaka to discuss what to do next. But just as I went for my cell-phone, I heard Mami call out to me.

“Kaname-san...” She managed weakly, addressing me through the closed door, “I'm sorry, but I'm not really in a mood to talk right now.”

“Mami!” I shouted in response, as I could feel a sudden burst of excited energy over the sound of her voice.

“...Are you sure you're Ok?” I asked, after that burst had worked its way through me.

“I... well...” She responded, clearly unsure of herself.

“If you don't want to talk right now, I understand.” I said, “But if that's your decision, I want to make sure you're Ok before I leave.”

I wanted that out of sincere concern for Mami's well-being, but also for my own peace of mind.

After a tense pause, I heard the door lock become unfastened, and the door before me was slowly pulled back. Standing behind the door I could make out Mami, with slightly reddened cheeks, her eyes appearing tired, and her head hung low. I could instantly tell how rough the past hour had been for her. So I instinctively gave Mami a quick hug, while I thanked her for letting me in. After hugging her, I closed the door behind me, but neither Mami or I locked it.

“I'm sorry for running away from you and Miki-san without saying anything to you.” she said to me, after composing herself, “I know that was irresponsible of me, but Akemi-san's words certainly left their mark. After hearing them, I felt... I felt completely unworthy of even being your friend, let alone your Senior.”

As Mami said that, she walked into the room with the transparent glass dining table, but instead sat on the pink couch just behind it. While thinking carefully on what she was saying, I sat next to her.

“Homura may be right about how Sayaka and I shouldn't become magical girls...” I admitted, “But that doesn't change the good you've done as a magical girl. You've already saved lives and helped people! Maybe there are some witches you can't defeat on your own, but that doesn't mean you have anything to be ashamed of.”

While stting next to Mami, I lean sideways to look closely into her eyes and the side of her face, searching for any sign that she was accepting what I was saying, as I dearly wanted to uplift her spirits. I did get the sense that Mami was carefully taking in what I was saying to her, but I fear that my words weren't resonating with her.

“It is true that I've helped a few people that are strangers to me.” Mami replied at last, speaking very clearly, but as tears formed in her eyes, “But I've also recklessly endangered the only friends I have. ...I'm horrible. I deserve the harsh fate that has been given me.”

“That's not true!” I exclaimed in reply, as I leaned closer towards Mami, and place my hands over her's.

Her head than titled towards me with such a deep and penetrating look of need and sadness.

“I appreciate your attempt to comfort me, but it is unwarranted.” Mami responded, as she looked a bit away from me, “I have lost everything. After the tragic passing of my parents, I was left with no close family members and no true friends. My actions gravely endangered the only friends I've made since that tragic passing. ...I'm unwanted and unloved, and that's the way it should be.”

You must have chosen A for Choice M1 in order for Option B of M Opportunity Choice 1 to become available. Otherwise, you must select A.

M Opportunity Choice 1:

A) “That's also not true. Sayaka and I both value you as a friend.”

B) “You're not unwanted and unloved! I... I love you, Mami!”

Spoiler for Response A:

Spoiler for Response B:

Sayaka and I both headed to our respective homes, with us coming to my home first. It was a bit late, but mama wasn't home, so at least she wasn't going to be upset about me missing curfew.

I changed into my pajamas, and lay upon my bed. My mind was simply flooded in thoughts over this very eventful day! But even amidst that flood, I noticed Kyubey was now in my room, situated amongst my beloved plushies.

“If you want to make sure that Mami never gets killed by a witch” he said, “The best course of action would be for you to become a magical girl ally to her!”

“You might be right” I replied to him, “But it's important to me to honor my promises, so I'm going to wait awhile before making a decision on that.”

Kyubey didn't press the issue further, which allowed me to focus more on the events of today. I had to remember to thank Homura tomorrow at school, for how she saved all of us. I also wanted to do what I could to bring Homura and Mami closer together, as I think that would be to the benefit of both of them.

With these thoughts in my mind, and many more besides, I slowly drifted to sleep. As horrible as a couple of today's events were, I still couldn't wait to see what tomorrow would bring!



That one scene went much longer than I thought it would, after I covered every possibility for it. I know this chapter might look really short, but trust me, once you click open the spoiler spaces it'll get much longer.

So, yeah, with apologies to naamio, I'm definitely going to go with Format 1.

Given the great advice/feedback of Kogetsu and Kanon, I've already plotted out 4 basic "chain of events": 2 for Mami Lives, and 2 for the more anime-based main branch. Managing 4 different chains per chapter would just be too hard, so I'll be alternating between "Mami Lives" and the more anime-based main branch from now on.

The "Mami Lives" route will be almost entirely "fanfic-original", so I'm really interested in knowing how that route is coming off to readers.

Anyway, I hope that everybody enjoys this update! ^_^

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