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Ok, you're taking my example beyond extreme just to disprove it. I said nothing about a weakling gaining tons of power but about 2 warriors even Miata called strong and whom are also partially awakened.

Yes, there is a limit to the growth of a warriors power but when you get down to it Miria was just slightly slower/weaker than Hysteria and Deneve and Helen where just slightly weaker than Miria. So following that logic awakened Deneve, Helen and Miria with awakened legs (in the spoiler we where referring to in the discussion) isn't out of the relm of impossibility of taking on an awakened Hysteria and standing at least a ghost of a chance if not a pretty decent chance of pulling off a win.
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Um, Ryus....who said I was disagreeing with you? I agree - I'm trying to give my point of view why ; the way I expressed myself may have seemed sarcastic, because it's a pretty simple topic (and you know me in how many times I've talked about Awakening like this )

As for Miria and the Ghosts chances of winning? Well, Miria is a No.1 in her own right, so it doesn't surprise me that a partially-awakened Miria actually looks like she is standing a chance...Deneve and Helen? Not so much since they are high single-digits at this point and certainly not No.1's....all 3 together though can definitely annoy the hell out of Hysteria and may get in some good hits if she's not careful. Outright defeat of Hysteria though, with all 3, will still undeniably have some luck involved.

Miria however, seems like she won't be participating in the fight like that anyway - even in the second H&D spoiler, it seemed like Miria was no longer fighting....the thing that gets me though about this spoiler we got just now, is that it makes it sound like Miria is still fighting Hysteria one-on-one and considered awakening, which is silly because, one, the other Ghosts are there now and shouldn't just sit around, and two, the idea of Miria going all out after just doing so and it wasn't such a good idea (may work, but too risky -- Jean's not around to sacrifice herself), Cynthia and Yuma are healing her right now and now she wants to go all out again?

The phrase "out of the frying pan and into the fire" comes to mind

I guess I can understand some sense of Deneve saying to Miria that she should fight as a human (even if I get the strong opinion that it has nothing to do with sense and rationale, and more about pride -__- ), but that just lowers her chances because base Miria vs Awakened Hysteria....Miria's chances of winning are still minimal....unless Deneve's implication of "human" means she can still partially-awaken and not only staying in her base form.

All of them are going to have to partially awaken to have a good sizable chance, but even then, Hysteria can no doubt simply just regenerate....I mean, she's an Awakened, An Abyssal, for crying out they think just taking out her head is gonna kill her? Wrong -- they need to either be super-strong enough to actually threaten her in a single go (Priscilla-strong), or wittle her strength down little by little until she is on their level in which case, I doubt they still could win....I mean, the Feeders put Isley on his last legs litterally, and when Helen and Deneve tried to fight him, he was still way out of their league and wasn't even really doing anything but superficial damage.

Admittingly, they didn't try to partial-awaken, but the too many odds are still tipped in Hysteria's would undeniably have alot of luck on their side for any victory to be pulled off, and that would be the straw that breaks my camels amount of extreme stupid luck that H&D have had up till now can suffice if Hysteria actually dies...

And why are they trying to fight her again, if I may say? Didn't they go just to get Miria back? Miria asked them to save as many people as possible, which is fine, but that just means they need to distract Hysteria as much as possible and not do everything they could to try to pull a miracle and actually kill matter how I see it, this is all just out of their hands.

Let the AO's kill eachother, or maybe they don't.....either way, the AO's aren't even the real-problem in the grand scheme of things - it's the MiB's....get everyone out as much as possible and high-tail it out of there....from there, they can come up with a future plan to take care of the AO's in some way, assuming the MiB's don't just collect their flesh to sic the Eaters on them (which they undoubtedly will, especially considering that flesh from all 3 ZAOs by now have been cut)....really the best thing is to just get everyone they can to escape, and then wait and see what the next move should be --- not to be like Ophelia and mindlessly attack the Awakened like a shark who just saw red, just because they are Claymores and that's their job or whatever.
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