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I cracked up at Taichi's break-up phone call. Between not missing a beat in his speech to the Karuta club, and waking Chihaya up later with her own training, the man is a superstar.

Chihaya's reckless play style reminds me of the Desktomu recruitment episode when they played with the cards face down, and Taichi stomped her. I'm glad they're calling back to her deficiencies, because it gives her believable avenues for growth after the tournaments made her look almost unbeatable to anyone less than the queen. Her attempts to double-down on her strengths without addressing her weaknesses, and subsequent failure gives me renewed hope that she's realized that she needs to turn things around. Of particular note is that she pledges to take instruction specifically from Kana and Desktomu; her own supposed proteges.

This episode had some phenomenal reaction shots.

Spoiler for Worst. Barbershop Quartet. Ever.:
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