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Oh man they really done it now. I'm glad I made this a priority one to watch earlier this morning before you guys took no time to waste raiding my visitor messaging to spoil me up on the big news

More so than surprised, I am angry it really had to be her. They had to start the ep that way, folks fascinated by Hare's void, Tsugumi pushing Hare to confess, Hare indirectly confessing, yep, age old signs of a death flag I just knew something was up... earlier this week, that nice poster went up, and when I decided to use Hare for my banner, my mind was filled with thoughts. She was the hardest of the 3 girls to edit, at times I wanted to quit, but that feeling inside of me when I don't want to give up, I just knew I had to get her into my banner, and I've decided, after this ep, she's staying there

In other news, Souta clearly needs a brain. He wants Hare to fix a car? Sure, make it look new, but is Hare a gas station? Battery jump starter? Air pump for flat tires? Grease? Oil? Who's got the keys?

Originally Posted by ars89 View Post
Loled at how Daryl was happy that Tsugumi might be alive.
Yeah, what's with the Daryl X Tsugumi moments they keep showing us since that festival ep.
Originally Posted by SoFarGone View Post
this was overshadowed by one of the characters death but who do you think the Funeral Parlor advisor wanted to see?
Gai of course. When President Gido left the building he obviously picked up Gai's corpse on the way out. Would make sense.... Mana saving Gai before she dies (again)

Originally Posted by Timeless Enigma View Post
I am raging so hard right now. First time I ever bothered posting in this subforum but dammit... I need to vent. I know the point is for Shu to suffer something traumatic so he can do a complete 180 and become Lelouch 2.0 but why did it have to be her??? Why not that useless Ayanami clone in Inori?
Dude, haven't seen you in a while, funny how I haven't been in this sub-forum much lately and we're both in here for the same reason

Originally Posted by Vena View Post
but todays was just beyond A-Team Shooting trope for those soldiers.
LOL I just never could understand how nobody dies when the A-Team fires their assault rifles

Originally Posted by Spartanz1170 View Post
Next episode is gonna be hard to watch watching the Shu we all saw from the beginning turn into a Tyrant.
Spoiler for A wise villain once said:
The shoe is actually a very powerless fellow. Get rid of Inori and the high ranked Voiders, and he's got F ranks to use *runs*

Originally Posted by clef View Post
You can't spell harem without Hare.
True..... wonder what's next month's Megami/Nyantype posters going to have...

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