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Originally Posted by Classified Info View Post
The main reason i didn't check Hayate was because the girls were around 13, but if i'm looking for romance, i just can't see it between kids (i mean, there could be, but how far would it go? Probably holding hands will be already a huge waste of energy).
Not all girls were around 13 in this series, there's many female characters that are older than 13, but play as secondary characters (especially Maria).

I need you to check out Is This a Zombie?. It's about a young 16-years old named Ayumu who gets killed by a serial killer and then ressurected as a zombie by a female necromancer. One day, he mets a magically-equipped girl named Haruna, however he accidentally take almost all of her single powers. It has :
- 12 episodes
- All characters of the series are 15+ (even the ones who have younger appearance than their age)
- Most of female characters are supernatural creatures
- No human/animal hybrids
- The protagonist do extraordinary things
- If you are really into ecchi/romance/comedy/action series, look at this.
- The girls didn't have childish personnality (except Haruna)
- The comedic scenes are really funny (at least for me). The ecchiness give a lot of excitement and fun, just like other standard ecchi series.
- The protagonist was in love with the necromancer, the series itself has some romance and has harem plot.

If you like Aria the Scarlet Ammo, read Campione! (there's even an anime adaptation which will be released this April) : it's about a 16-years old boy named Go Kusanagi who lives in a normal life. During a spring break, he went to Italy, however a demon attacks Rome. Go slays that demon and became the future godslayer. It has :
- 11 volumes
- Lot of action and romance
- Different approach of harem plot
- No human/hybrids characters (there's actually some in the series, but there are enemies and are not in love with the protagonist).
- Highschool setting.
- Most of characters are 15+.

You can read this at Baka Tsuki.
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