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Mami Lives Chapter 2

Mami Romance Chain

“I'd love to go out on a date with you.”

That's the response I gave Mami when she asked me if I was Ok with the two of us going out on a date. At the time, there was no hesitation in my response. In fact, I was very eager to give it! But now, having slept on it, and while sitting upon my bed, my chest felt heavy and tight.

I love Mami. I felt this deeply within me. But was this course of action wise of me? Was I allowing my emotions to get the best of me, and cause me to make rash decisions?

As much as I love Mami, I've only known her for such a short time. I'm usually more careful and cautious than this, but then, it's also not everyday that I meet an actual magical girl!

Still, Mami had said that being a magical girl was tough. She said that it meant you wouldn't have time for boys or hanging out with friends. That seemed contradictory to what Mami and I were planning to do today.

'Are you worried about Mami?' Kyubey asked me, telepathically.

'Yes' I replied, 'Is it really Ok what we're doing, Kyubey? Is it really Ok if Mami and I become very close like this?'

'That's up to you and her.' Kyubey replied, 'It's not unprecedented for a magical girl to mate with a normal human. Some magical girls have even entered into marriage arrangements with normal humans!'

'I guess it's Ok then.' I stated, making a slight smile over Kyubey's reassuring words.

'But if you want to know my opinion on it, Madoka' Kyubey continued, 'I think it would be best if you were to become a magical girl yourself. That way, you and Mami would not be divided by your different statuses. Your bond would be strengthened!'

'I'll keep that in mind.' I replied to Kyubey, before getting lost in my own thoughts again.

Kyubey had a point. It would probably be best if I became a magical girl myself. That would enable me to help Mami more, and it would probably make me feel more comfortable about my relationship with Mami. But since I promised Mami that I wouldn't become a magical girl without giving it a lot of thought and talking it over with her, I would put off becoming a magical girl at least for now.

There's one thing I couldn't put off any longer though.

“Hey, mama” I state, while I brushed my teeth alongside her after we both ate breakfast, “There's something I'd like to ask you.”

“What is it?” she responded.

“Well, I'd like to know what you think of... lesbians.” I asked.

Mama rarely hesitated, but she did so briefly here while she made eye contact with me.

“Do you ask because one of your friends confided in you that she's a lesbian, or do you ask because you think that you're a lesbian?” mama asked in turn.

“W-well I-I...” I started stammering in response, not wanting to lie to mama but also not wanting to fully reveal everything yet.

“It's nothing to be ashamed about.” mama answered, “If one of your friends is a lesbian, then I don't think you should end a friendship with someone for that reason. Now if you think that you yourself are a lesbian, I'm fine with it, but it's something I want to know.”

“I-I think I am, yeah.” I responded.

Mama could tell that I was afraid of how she might react to that. My posture was defensive and uneasy. Mama placed one hand on my shoulder.

“Madoka, it's fine, really.” mama said to me, while making a slight smile, “It's not like I'm completely surprised. I've had my suspicions. ...Is it Sayaka?”

“Sayaka?” I asked in a sincerely perplexed tone.

“I guess not then.” mama replied to me, “It's not the upperclasswoman that recently invited you over, is it?”

Oh. So mama is trying to determine which specific girl it is that I might be romantically attracted to!

“Well, ummm...” I began in uneasy reply.

“It is, isn't it?” mama asked.

“Yeah...” I confirmed.

Mama sighed a bit over that.

They grow up so fast...” Mama said, under her breath, before addressing me directly again, “Well, it might be good that you're experiencing something new. Whatever relationships you choose to make for yourself, I'm fine with them. But just keep in mind that first loves, of any sort, rarely work out. It may be unfortunate, but it's true.”

By the time she had finished speaking to me, mama had already finished freshening herself up, and she had to get going to work.

“Anyway, we can chat about it later if you like.” mama said, “I have to get going now. See ya!”

Talking with mama about it made me feel a lot more at ease. It was like a great weight lifted from off my shoulders! Between my discussions with Kyubey and my mama, I now felt ready to enjoy my date today with Mami-san. First though, I had to get through the school day.

I met up with Hitomi and Sayaka at the usual spot, and they thankfully both seemed to be in good spirits this morning. But Sayaka was talking to Hitomi about all sorts of school gossip. It was like she was trying to hide something from Hitomi. I didn't feel that talkative though, so I just went along with Sayaka dominating the conversation all the way to school.

During Biology class, Saotome-Sensei gave a lecture on on the ideal age for reproduction and marriage. It occurred to me that, as a lesbian, reproduction isn't something that would occur for me without artificial means. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. On the one hand, I liked the idea of having a child of my own, but I didn't have much confidence in my ability to be a good mother. Perhaps it's best that I may never have to even think about it.

I had intended to thank Homura for saving Mami, Sayaka, Kyubey and I, but I noticed she wasn't in class today. I hope that she was Ok.

Come lunch break, Sayaka and I went to our usual spot on the pure white rooftop of the school. Daytime weather has been exceptionally beautiful lately, with one bright sunny day after the next after the next. This seemed so very appropriate to me given how sunny my heart had become thanks to Mami...

“So I guess you're all pumped up for your big date, huh?” Sayaka asked with a slight teasing grin.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked, with an embarrassed grin.

“Only to me.” Sayaka answered, “I'm probably the only one who knows about it other than you and Mami.”

“I know we discussed this a bit yesterday” I began in question to Sayaka, “But are you truly Ok with all of this?”

If you chose A for Choice 1, read Section MC1A. If you chose B for Choice 1, read Section MC1B. If you chose C for Choice 1, read Section MC1C.

Spoiler for Section MC1A:

Spoiler for Section MC1B:

Spoiler for Section MC1C:

“It might be best if we kept this all private from Hitomi.” Sayaka said, “About you and Mami, I mean. I really don't like doing that, but Hitomi considers that sort of love between girls to be 'forbidden love', so...”

“You're probably right.” I responded, with a bit of sadness.

“Just for now, of course.” Sayaka said, “We won't be able to hide it forever.”

“Right.” I replied, “I feel a lot better now after we talked about all of this!”

“I'm glad I could help.” stated Sayaka, “Anyway, it looks like it's time to get back to class!”

The rest of the school day dragged a bit, as I felt a lot of anticipation welling up within me over my upcoming date with Mami. The fact I hadn't seen Mami since last night merely added to that anticipation. An intoxicating mixture of energy and relief washed over me when classes finally ended for the day!

Hitomi then met Sayaka and I at our lockers.

“Thanks a lot, Madoka!” Hitomi said.

“What for?” I asked.

“For recruiting for the Gardening Club.” Hitomi answered, “An upperclasswoman introduced herself to me earlier today, and told me that she intended to join the Gardening Club. She has such beautiful hair, and she's very polite and refined! When I asked her why she wanted to join, she explained that part of the reason is that you recommended the club to her. Her name is...”

Hitomi then noticed someone she had just recently met walking towards us.

“Oh, there she is right now!” Hitomi said, while turning around, and waving towards her, “Hi, Tomoe-san!”

Mami smiled slightly and waved back at Hitomi.

“What brings you over here?” Hitomi asked Mami, “Is there anything else you wanted to ask me about the Gardening Club?”

“Not at the moment. I'm here to meet up with Madoka.” Mami responded.

“It seems like the two of you have been friends for awhile.” Hitomi stated towards me, with a worried look on her face, “Why didn't you introduce me to Tomoe-san before?”

“Well, I... ah...” I began in uneasy response.

“They have some shopping they have to get to.” Sayaka quickly interjected, placing a hand on Hitomi's shoulders, “I plan to go visit Kyousuke, so I'm not going along with them. You're usually really busy with all sorts of stuff, so...”

“So it's just fine to leave me out all the time, huh?” asked Hitomi, a bit angrily, “Well, I feel jealous! I feel like even less than a fifth wheel now!”

And with that, Hitomi raced off in a huff.

Mami sighed a bit.

“I'm sorry about inadvertently hurting your friend's feelings, Madoka.” Mami said.

“Think nothing of it!” Sayaka interjected, “Hitomi has been like this a lot lately. You two just enjoy yourselves, Ok? I'll see you later!”

Mami and I then waved goodbye to Sayaka.

I then felt Mami discreetly take hold of my hand. I think that my heart skipped a beat over just that! I guess it was the knowledge that what I had been looking forward to all day was at last about to start.

“I was thinking it would be nice if we started with a walk through the nearby park.” Mami said softly towards me, so as to not draw any attention, “I haven't had a chance to enjoy it much as my magical girl responsibilities frequently cause me to patrol different areas of the city. But if going for a walk through a park seems dull to you, we can...”

“No.” I quickly replied, “A walk through the park sounds like a nice, relaxing way to start.”

“That's what I thought your take on it would be.” Mami responded, smiling warmly at me, “Well, let's go!”

It was the perfect day for a walk through the park. As we walked through it, I could see another reason why Mami had requested it. The park wasn't that crowded. It made me feel more at ease with walking alongside Mami, while we held hands together.

“I'm glad that Hitomi seems to like you.” I said to Mami, “But just so you know, I don't think Hitomi would approve of our relationship...”

“Don't worry.” Mami responded, “If you're a magical girl for very long, you learn how to be discreet, and maintain strict confidentiality.”

“Mami, there's something I want to ask you, but it's a bit personal.” I asked her.

“I can't think of a better time to ask a personal question than during a date.” said Mami, “So feel free to ask me anything.”

“Well, how long have you known that... you like girls more than boys?” I asked.

Mami narrowed her eyes, and gazed off, while she thought carefully on that question.

“I became good friends with another girl when I was only six years old.” Mami began in answer, “The two of us were best of friends for a long-time. As I gradually matured and grew older, I started to realize that my feelings for her went beyond simple friendship. I also noticed that, for whatever reason, I wasn't attracted to boys. From some of the books I had read, I learned what this meant about me. By the time I was 11, I knew what my leanings were.”

“What happened between you and your friend?” I asked, feeling deep concern for her.

“I...” Mami began in response, “Well, let's just say that my friendship with her ended after she learned what my feelings for her were.”

“That... that's so sad.” I said, as I felt tears start to form in my eyes.

But Mami then stopped, and turned about so she was in front of me, and looking me in the face. With one hand, she gently wiped the tears out of my eyes. With her other hand, she lightly ran her fingers through my hair. There was such a soothing warmth to her gestures and movements.

“There's nothing to be sad about.” She said to me, “It's true that I was ostracized by many of my peers once it became known that I was a lesbian. Oh, nobody was foolish or rude enough to make it plainly known that this was why they were avoiding me, but I could tell. But that's all in the past now. Sayaka has taken the news of our relationship very well. You, and hopefully I as well, have an invaluable true friend in her that won't turn away from us because of who we are. But most importantly, Madoka, we have each other.”

Mami then placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward to kiss me on my forehead. Mami was so patient, forgiving, and kind. I felt so happy over being as close to her as I now was!

“Why don't we take a short rest under that tree?” Mami asked, “I'd love to treat you to a lapnap!”

“Sure.” I replied.

And with that, I rested my head on Mami's lap. It felt so good! Part of me wanted to stay like this forever...

__________________________________________________ _____________

Mami Friendship Chain

Given Mami's close brush with death yesterday, I was glad that today was proving to be relatively uneventful.

I had a really tasty breakfast of fried eggs, and a very normal day at school as all of the commotion of a new transfer student joining us had died down a bit.

Speaking of Homura, though, she was absent today. I could only guess that she had taken the morning off to go hunting for Grief Seeds. I felt like I should be worried about her safety, but Homura showed yesterday that she can certainly handle witch hunts well! I hope I remember to thank her for saving Mami, Sayaka, Kyubey, and I when I see her again.

Once the school day ended, Sayaka and I said goodbye to Hitomi. I think that Hitomi just assumed that I was accompanying Sayaka to the hospital to visit Kamijo, so she was fine with breaking off from us for the rest of the day.

But Sayaka had actually changed her plans so that she could take in an afternoon movie matinee with Mami and me. Even though I had suggested it in jest, we all decided to go watch Burning Sisters together!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie with Mami and Sayaka. We each enjoyed some popcorn, diet cola, and Urobuchi chocolate bars during the movie. Urobuchi chocolate bars are very dark and bittersweet, but they come in neat twisted shapes, and they always leave me feeling very energized for some reason!

After walking out of the movie theater, the three of us talked about the movie a lot.

“Wow, I never knew that they could have so much nudity in an animated feature.” Mami said excitedly, “I can certainly see why most of the audience was male.”

“That's true, but you have to admit that the female characters in that movie rock!” Sayaka replied, “I particularly liked Karen! She's really strong and energetic! Which character did you like best, Mami?”

“The girl that played twister with the male lead. She seemed very sweet to me, and I like her style.” Mami responded, “It would have been nice if she had received more screen-time. Who did you like best, Madoka?”

“I thought the half-vampire brother was really cool.” I answered, “I can relate a lot to how much he cares about his family. He's often unsure of himself, but he always does the right thing. I'd like to be like that myself!”

“Be honest, Madoka, you just liked him for his great muscular body!” Sayaka said teasingly.

“No, that's not it!” I exclaimed in reply, “I-I really like how he's a heroic, self-sacrificing guy!”

“Is there anything you'd like him to sacrifice to you, Madoka?” Sayaka asked teasingly.

Sayaka!” I exclaimed in reply.

Mami and Sayaka started laughing loudly over that. I hated how people so often laughed at my expense. But I guess I should be happy that Mami's spirits seemed to be up after yesterday.

After leaving the movie theatre, the three of us walked down through a commercial area with a massive water fountain there. Much to my surprise, I saw Hitomi was walking next to it!

“Hitomi!” I shouted out, instinctively.

Mami became a bit startled by my shout.

“Mami-san” Sayaka said, leaning in towards her while pointing in Hitomi's general direction, “Madoka is calling out to that girl over there. She's a good friend of Madoka and I. Her name is Hitomi Shizuki.”

“How did practice go?!” I shouted out to Hitomi, as I raced towards her.

But as I came closer to her, I noticed that she had some sort of strange sticker on her neck. It was a lot like what that woman who threw herself off the roof had!

This made me turn back towards Mami.

“Mami, is that...?” I began in question.

“Yes, it's a witch's kiss.” Mami answered, as her face became grim, “You and Sayaka stay a short distance behind me. I'll trail your friend Hitomi to...”

“Mami, are you sure you feel up to it?” Sayaka asked, concerned for Mami's well-being, “I mean, given... you know...”

Sayaka had realized too late that she had raised a recent traumatic event that Mami probably would have been better off not being reminded of. Mami breathed a quick sigh.

“I won't lie.” Mami said, “I'm fearful of facing another witch so soon after what happened yesterday. But then, what kind of magical girl am I if I can't even protect the friends and loved ones of my juniors?”

Sayaka and I both became silent over that. We truly didn't know what to say to this. Both of us were concerned for Mami and Hitomi.

“Ok” Sayaka finally stated, “I don't have any sort of weapon with me, so unfortunately I won't be able to back you up.”

'You can back her up by becoming a magical girl!' came the sudden voice of Kyubey.

Kyubey had been with us this entire time, but entirely silent until now. So Sayaka and I were taken aback at his sudden, albeit repetitive, suggestion.

“... Maybe I should...” Sayaka stated, after a tense pause, while a fierce look of seriousness washed over her face, and she clenched a fist.

“No. Don't.” Mami said, “I can take care of this.”

“Just to be on the safe side” I said, tugging on Mami's sleeve, “Let Sayaka and I follow closely behind you! Then if worse comes to worse...”

Mami smiled warmly at me over that.

“Ok. That's fine.” She said, “But please be careful. And don't bother talking to people with a witch's kiss until the witch associated with it is killed. Their mind is not in a good place right now...”

Sayaka and I nodded over this. Mami then quickly transformed into her magical girl uniform.

The three of us trailed behind Hitomi, sprinting as softly as we could, while Kyubey perched himself on my shoulder. Hitomi was walking in a strange fashion, with her arms held out to the sides. It kinda looked like she was drunk.

It didn't take us long to realize, though, that Hitomi was not alone here. A large number of people were now walking in the same direction as she was, all heading towards a large abandoned warehouse. The ground was really misty!

We sneaked into the warehouse just before its door started to close. Thankfully, everybody there appeared oblivious to the presence of Mami, Sayaka, and me.

“This is really freaky.” stated Sayaka.

“Don't be scared.” said Mami, “The witch will make its presence known soon. Then I will defeat it!”

I could tell that Mami was trying to reassure herself with these words. I hoped it would give her the confidence that she needs.

But I then noticed that some of the people in this warehouse were about to mix washing detergents that were very dangerous to mix! I thought back to what my mama had said to me about that, and I acted instinctively based on what she had told me.

“No! Don't do that!” I cried out.

But then Hitomi stuck out her arm to roughly halt me. Kyubey leaped off of me to come to a landing on the cement floor.

“You mustn't interrupt the holy rites.” Hitomi said to me.

“Don't worry, Madoka!” Sayaka shouted, “I'll stop them!”

Sayaka raced pass the crowd of people, picked up the water pail they were going to mix the detergents into, and she threw it out a window!

Mami then raced behind Hitomi, and pressed two fingers down between Hitomi's shoulders and her neck. Hitomi gasped, but then quickly fell to the ground unconscious.

“It's better if she's unconscious.” Mami said, as she carefully caught Hitomi's falling body, and lay her on the ground, “Madoka, I want you to take care of your friend. At the very least, I intend to save her! If I'm right, these people are about to act like zombies, and Sayaka will need my help!”

Mami was right, as she sprinted after Sayaka to save her from the people that were walking threateningly towards her. I never personally saw the ensuing fight between Mami and the witch, but Sayaka later described it to me in detail.

The witches barrier was like a bizarre theme-park contained within an endless chasm or sphere. Sayaka had floated about in there as though in zero gravity. Mami's magical girl powers enabled her to move more easily within the witch's barrier. A group of strange creatures that looked like crash-test dummies with angel wings and halos started to accost Sayaka, but Mami blew them away with her rifles!

But the witch's body was a flying TV screen! The TV screen displayed Mami's last fight with a witch, including Homura's criticism of her. This briefly caused Mami to freeze up while gritting her teeth in fear and shame!

“Don't pay attention to it, Mami!” Sayaka had shouted to her, “You can win this fight!”

“Thank you, Sayaka.” Mami said, after composing herself, “You're right. I will not lose here!”

Mami then removed her necktie, and twirled it about to form her gigantic glistening gun!

“This is it!” she cried, “TIRO FINALE!!!

Being on the receiving end of Mami's ultimate attack, the TV-screen witch was blasted into sparkling smithereens!

The witch's barrier then faded away. When I saw Mami and Sayaka return from it unharmed, I was so very relieved!

However, some of the people around us were groaning a lot, and in pain.

“I hate to leave them like this, but it would be better if they never learn of what truly affected them tonight.” said Mami, “That goes for your friend Hitomi too.”

“Will she be Ok like this?” I asked.

“I'll call the hospital.” Sayaka said, “I'll tell them that there's a medical emergency down here at this warehouse that needs their immediate attention.”

“That's a good idea.” Mami said with a smile.

While Sayaka left to make a phone-call, I turned to Mami.

“See, Mami, you've saved all of these people tonight!” I exclaimed to her with a smile, “You can still do a lot of good as a magical girl!”

I think my words actually made Mami cry a couple tears of joy.

“Thank you, Madoka.” said said, wiping away a tear, “You and Sayaka are very dear friends to me now.”

“Maybe all of us, including Hitomi, can one day spend some time together!” I said.

“I would like that.” said Mami, “I just hope she doesn't learn about how I had to forcefully put her to sleep!”

Mami and I then laughed a bit over the situation. It looked like things were going swell again, and I was very happy about that. But something bothered me a bit...

Kyubey had been extremely quiet lately, unusually so. I think he was very displeased by the current circumstances, by the fact that Sayaka and I were still far away from becoming magical girls. Mami now seemed opposed to Sayaka and I becoming magical girls, and I didn't want to go against both her and Homura. I think the same was true for Sayaka.

This left me feeling sorry for Kyubey, but also wondering what he might be planning to do about these circumstances that were unfavourable to him?

Still, this was just a passing concern. What had initially been an uneventful day turned out to be very fun and exciting! And it looked like Mami was back on her feet. I think I would be happy to support Mami this way forever. I have to admit that whatever romantic feelings I recently had for Mami had since faded into a simple friendship, but I was content with that.

But then as my mind thought back to Homura, to where she might be right now, I felt my chest become tight for some reason. I hope that she was Ok. I hope that I would see her again soon...


And yeah, this is getting complicated.

If anybody picks up on a glaring plot hole, please tell me, and I will correct it with an edit if such correction is feasible at all.

Also, if this becomes too hard to follow, please tell me, and I'll 'hurry' one or more of the chains to simplify matters.

Anyway, hope people enjoy this update!

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