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Chapter 8

“Hitomi-chan! How did practice go?!”

That's what I shouted out to her after I noticed her walking by a massive water fountain in the middle of a commercial area. My recent discussion with Homura-chan had left me thinking that Homura is a friendly enough person, but it also left me regretful and sad over how much her and Mami had fought with each other. So running into Hitomi right now struck me as very fortuitous!

Hitomi is my closest friend, at least out of the people who didn't know about the world of magical girls and witches. So I thought that if I was to have a short chat with her, it might cheer me up a bit, and take my mind off of the dark troubles of recent days. Also, I know that Sayaka and I have been leaving Hitomi out a lot lately, and that made me feel a bit guilty. So here was a great opportunity to make it up to Hitomi, and also for me to raise my spirits some!

But as I came closer to her, I noticed she had some sort of strange sticker on her neck. It was a lot like what that woman who threw herself off the roof had!

Upon seeing that, I really wished that Mami-san was still here with us. Without a magical girl or even Kyubey with me, I felt very frightened over the idea of rushing into a situation that could lead me to a witch! But if Hitomi had been affected by a witch's curse, I felt that I must act on that to help out my friend!

Opportunity Choice 5

If you chose A for Choice 9, and if you never filled Sayaka in on the full story during Opportunity Choice 4 , you may now select B for this choice. Otherwise, you must select A. If you choose B, read Section OC5B. Otherwise, skip over it.

A) Help Hitomi!

B) Look out for my own safety.

Spoiler for Section OC5B:

I sprinted over to Hitomi, as I was deeply concerned over her given the sight of the witch's kiss!

“Hitomi-chan!” I exclaimed out to her, as I placed my hands on her shoulders.

But she seemed really out of it.

“Hey! Hitomi!” I shouted some more while shaking her a bit.

“Oh, Kaname!” She said in such a blissful tone, “Good evening!”

“What's wrong?” I asked, as I pulled myself in closer to her, “Where are you going?”

“Where? Well...” she began in answer, while holding her chin in one hand, “I'm going to a better place.”

A better place? The way she said it made me think she meant something like Heaven, or the afterlife in general. But that would mean that Hitomi would die!

“Hitomi...” I said breathlessly, freaked out at what she might be thinking of doing here.

“I know!” she said, as she brought her two hands together, “You should come too!”

“Yes, it'll be fabulous!” She remarked as she started to move past me.

I then decided to follow after her.

Read Section “Madoka Reflects on her Decision” if you filled Sayaka in on the full story during Opportunity Choice 4.

Spoiler for Madoka Reflects on Her Decision:

As I followed after her, I noticed her walking in a strange fashion, with her arms held out to the sides. It kinda looked like she was drunk. While I was determined to help Hitomi here, I also was not sure exactly how I should do that. What should I do?!

It didn't take me long to realize, though, that Hitomi was not alone here. A large number of people were now walking in the same direction as she was, all heading towards a large abandoned warehouse. The ground was really misty!

I thought about calling Homura for help. Oh no, I don't know her number! I smacked my head with a slight sense of guilty over not bothering to get it from her.

Everybody here, including Hitomi and me, walked into the warehouse. As I walked inside, I heard a very depressed man say “There's no place for me in this world.” I had a foreboding sense that these people were being affected by a witch trying to make them commit suicide! The warehouse door then shut behind us.

I then noticed that some of the people in this warehouse were about to mix washing detergents that were very dangerous to mix! I thought back to what my mama had said to me about that, and I acted instinctively based on what she had told me.

“No! Don't do that!” I cried out.

But then Hitomi stuck out her arm to roughly halt me.

“You mustn't interrupt the holy rites.” Hitomi said to me.

“But that's dangerous!” I exclaimed, while reaching out my arm towards where the washing detergents were.

“Everyone here will die!” I shouted at Hitomi.

“Yes!” she excitedly replied, “We're all going on a journey to a wonderful new world!”

“Don't you understand how great it will be?” she asked in rhetorical question, while moving in very theatrical gestures and taking hold of my hand, “Our living bodies only hold us back. You'll understand very soon now.”

I felt frenzied fright take over my chest at the sound of Hitomi's deeply disturbing words. And yet, many of the people around us started applauding what she had just said!

It was then that I realized that these people, including Hitomi, were unfortunately beyond the point of being reasoned with. I had to take decisive action. Now!

“Let me go!” I screamed, as I broke free from Hitomi's hold.

Breathing very loudly, I raced through a crowd of people, and made my way to the water pail that a woman was about to mix the washing detergents into. I picked up the pail before she could do that, and I sprinted off with it as fast as my legs could carry me! I then hurled it out the window!

I then stopped to catch my breath, as I took in large breaths and tried to calm my senses. But when I then turned around, everybody else here looked at me as though they were entranced! They started walking towards me like zombies wanting to consume me!

I frantically searched about the room I was currently in to find a way out. Thankfully, I stumbled across a door knob, and so I hurriedly pushed in through the door attached to it. I forced the door back against mounds of bodies and hands pushing against it! I then locked the door.

By this point, I was entirely panic stricken!

“What do I do?!” I screamed out, questioning myself.

But then, as I turned around, I noticed this big blue blob of ectoplasm moving towards me, and making the freakiest of sounds! I slowly back away from it while it seemed to be speaking backwards to me!

“No!” I cried out to it.

But it was too late, as a bunch of weird televisions suddenly appeared behind me, and tiny men that looked like crash-test dummies with angel wings and halos came out of them! They started to swarm around me, and take rough hold of me. It felt like they were trying to tear me apart.

“No!” I shrieked, “Somebody save me! SOMEBODY!!”

It then felt like I was literally ripped into pieces. A flash of light and several stars were the next thing I saw. The next thing I knew it felt like I was floating about in zero gravity. I was clearly inside of a witch's barrier. It was like a bizarre theme-park contained within an endless chasm or sphere.

But this theme-park gave me no amusement, only guilt and self-loathing. I thought to myself that this must be punishment.

As I floated about it, against my will, I saw TV screens perched upon the backs of Merry-Go-Round horses. They were displaying scenes of my life since I had learned about the world of magical girls and witches. In them, I saw Mami again, crying.

I had failed Mami. I should have been strong, when I had the chance. I should have become a magical girl, and wished Mami back to life. But I didn't. I didn't because I'm a crybaby and a liar. And so now I'm being punished for my dishonesty and weakness.

I felt cold hands grip each of my four limbs. They started pulling me apart, in all directions. I was stretching out as though I was made out of some sort of putty! It hurt so much! I felt that this would be the end of me.

Read Section “Na na na na na na na na... H-Chan!” if you filled Sayaka in on the full story when making Opportunity Choice 4. Otherwise, read “Holy Sky-Haired, Blue-Cool-Eyed Knight, Batman!”

Spoiler for Na na na na na na na na... H-Chan!:

Spoiler for Holy Sky-Haired, Blue-Cool-Eyed Knight, Batman!:

I finally made it home after another frightful run-in with a witch. But at least nobody was hurt due to it. But during the night, I had another strange dream. A girl that had been in one of my previous dreams appeared again! She was the very acrobatic and fast spear-wielding redhead girl in a long-flowing reddish dress. But while she was my friend and ally the last time I dreamed of her, this time it seemed like she was an enemy...

__________________________________________________ _________

The above Chapter works better without splitting the chains for the "Mami Dies" branch. However, they certainly will be split for Chapter 9.

I'll be interested to see who gets this latest "other anime" reference. This one is a bit more obscure than most, I think.

Originally Posted by Deikan View Post
I'm really loving the Madoka x Mami fan-fiction. I'm a huge Mami fan, and as a writer myself, reading this is like a treat for my eyes. Mami's death in the anime really broke my heart, but reading this makes the Mami fan in me really happy.

I can't wait to read more romance chapters. I'm now a big fan of your work, keep up the great work.
Thanks a lot! Well, the next update after this one will get back to the Madoka X Mami route, and I think you'll like it a lot! I hope to have the next update done within a couple days.

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