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Red face Yay, I won :P

Thanks to everyone... I never had won anything on "teh internot" so, I fell really surprised. All I can say is Thanks.

I'll tell the little story about the banners... I saw the thread 4 hours before the contest for submitting banners ended, so I had to do it fast.

I started searching for some nice images in my HDD, then I saw someone who said "somebody, submit a Tsukihime banner"... then I thought, why not Fate Stay/Night? So I made one with Saber... then, I really wanted to submit another, there wasn't time to make a completely new one, so I grabbed the cute image and made another...

Now, the problem... I posted about an hour before the contest ended, and without notice (or noticing? excuse my english) I cropped too much the banners, like 580 X 60!
Then it was the fastest editing on my life, and I finished, I think 20' or 10' before the lock.

I also made an Ai Yori Aoshi one, but I reaaaaaaaly hate that series, so I didn't submit that one :P

Like someone said, the image isn't too winter-like, but there is a really complicated (not so much) work with Photoshop Bevel and Emboss, Gradient and shape for the font.

Well, that's it... thanks a lot again.

PD: If someone wants the full images send me a PM.
PD2: I'm a guy, you lazy-people-who-cant-waste-two-clicks-to-see-my-profile.

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