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Just watched episode 6.

Everyone, remind me to schedule in an appointment with Rias to be my exercises instructor, I feel that her teachings of pressing herself against me whilst I do my exercises will give me plenty of enery and encouragement Oh, and sit ups will just be great for when she's leaning down and holding my feet

I like how Issei's parents can just speak negatively about him in front of Asia and Rias like that Aren't they suppose to speak highly of you so that they can encourage the girls to like you?

Rias seemed to be in deep thought a lot throughout this episode. She muttered the word "Bride" to herself as well, and with that conversation she had with Issei, I can only guess that it is her worrying about finding a partner or someone to love.

Also, Issei sure does seem to run into the weirdest people when he's meeting them for a contract XD I wonder if this is what all the Devils have to deal with

And of course, this episode wouldn't have been complete without another wondrous Rias shower scene. Will it ever grow old? Of course not!

Ahaha, poor Issei, he didn't get any breast touching time within those 5 seconds XD Now, if it were me on the otherhand...
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