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Mami Lives Chapter 3
Mami Romance Chain

“Mami-san, that blue bikini looks gorgeous!”

That's what I said to her as I now had my arms wrapped around her waist, and we looked into the mirror of the change room. My fingers were also now neatly twined around her waist.

“Your pink polka-dot bikini also looks very pretty.” Mami-san said to me, “It suits you perfectly.”

“I guess that our next date should be one to the beach, huh?” I asked excitedly, but also while blushing a bit.

“That's exactly what I was thinking too, Madoka” Mami replied to me, “I'm glad that we're growing more and more to be of the same heart and mind.”

Those words really stirred me, while also making me feel very warm.

“But since we've now picked out all the clothes we wanted, let's change back into our uniforms and make our purchases.” Mami said.

“Right!” I agreed enthusiastically.

I have to admit that I felt a bit bashful as I changed along with Mami in this shopping centre change room, but as long as I averted my eyes from her while I changed it didn't bother me too much.

The lapnap that I had enjoyed thanks to Mami was even more pleasant and relaxing than I had imagined it could be. Mami joked about how I fell asleep only a minute after I rested on her lap. Mami said she found that incredibly cute, although I found it a bit embarrassing. But thankfully, I only fell asleep for a few minutes, so not too much time was taken off our date.

After I woke up, Mami made a suggestion on what we should do for the rest of our date. First was going shopping together to help each other pick out some new clothes! It had been a long time since I last went shopping, so I thankfully had saved up a significant amount of money to make some additions to my wardrobe.

I admit that I was curious where Mami was getting her money from, though. I mean, she doesn't appear to be working any paying jobs, and she's living on her own. How is she making ends meet?

“That's a good question.” Mami said, as we walked away from the shopping centre, several shopping bags in tow, heading towards Mami's place.

I didn't want to ask Mami a rude question, but I admit that curiosity had gotten the better of me.

“My parents were thankfully very prudent people who always planned in case of even the worst eventuality.” Mami answered, “So they had taken out a very generous Life Insurance policy in the event of accidental death. I was their sole beneficiary. However, it did become a bit of a legal issue. The Civil Court's Prefecture Attorney argued that a girl of my age shouldn't be trusted with such a large sum of money, especially since I had no adult family members that could take me in. But while I have few remaining family members, my father did have a close friend that did fantastic work representing my case. That friend is Kazuki Kudo.”

Phoenix Wright!” I exclaimed in shock.

“That's correct.” Mami replied with a grin.

As a young teenager, Kazuki Kudo was such a big fan of the actual Phoenix Wright video game character that he wanted to become Phoenix Wright made real! He started to dress like the character, take on the character's mannerisms, and do his hair like the character. He also dedicated his life to being the best Lawyer he could be! Capcom and Nintendo had considered suing him for this, but Kudo-Sama had by then become a very popular figure. So instead, Capcom and Nintendo agreed to allow him to continue “being” Phoenix Wright in return for him doing commercials for them. I never imagined that Mami knew such a celebrity!

“Kudo-Sama was hit hard by my father's passing, and wanted to do whatever he could to ensure that I did well in the wake of it.” Mami continued, “Unfortunately, he lives far away from any schools, and his lifestyle is very hectic. These were factors in why he couldn't take me in. But he did argue passionately that I should receive the full Life Insurance benefits under my parents' plan. The court eventually ruled that I could receive them in full, and live on my own, as long as Kudo-Sama himself checked up on me at least once every two weeks. He thankfully agreed to it.”

“It's really cool that you know somebody so awesome and famous, Mami!” I exclaimed to her.

“It's nothing that special, really.” Mami replied with a blushing grin, “I respect Kudo-Sama a lot, but when away from the rigours of court work, he's fairly normal. In any event, the money my parents saved away for me has served me well since their passing. It will likely run out in the not-too-distant future. Eventually I'll need to find part-time work to support myself...”

I felt deep concern for Mami here. The idea of balancing school with work with being a magical girl seemed so daunting to me! I felt a deep desire to alleviate Mami's concerns here.

“When that time comes, you and I should work as waitresses at a restaurant together!” I enthusiastically suggested to her with a big smile.

“...Yes, I think I would like that.” Mami said turning her head towards me to smile serenely at my suggestion.

After we arrived at Mami's home, Mami and I did some cooking together! Mami had asked me if I'd rather the two of us eat out at a nice restaurant or if I'd rather her and I cook a meal together. I really liked the idea of making something with Mami, so that's what I decided on.

We cooked some Nabeyaki-udon together. I was a little too careless while mixing the ingredients together in a metal pot, and so a couple tiny food particles went into my face. Mami-san giggled over that, and picked them off my face for me. It was a bit embarrassing, but I have to admit it felt kinda nice for Mami to be so attentive to me like this.

Thankfully, the Nabeyaki-udon ended up being scrumptious! After the meal, Mami and I went out to watch a movie together. The movie was called Mashiro-iro Orchestra. I think that Sayaka would have liked it, as the male lead was a lot like Kamijo! It was a very romantic movie, and I have to admit that it put me in a certain mood given how pleasantly wonderful my date with Mami-san was going. As I walked her back to her house, I think she felt that way as well...

Affection Calculation Time! To determine what happens next, calculate your affection level with Mami Tome. In order to make that calculation, refer to the following data to determine the net effect of your choices.

Spoiler for Mami Tomoe Affection Data:

If your overall affection level with Mami Tome is +4 or higher, then read section Mami's Offer. Otherwise, read section Mami Wishes me Goodnight.

Spoiler for Mami's Offer:

Spoiler for Mami Wishes me Goodnight:

When I arrived for homeroom, there was some whispering and long faces amongst my classmates. I noticed that Hitomi wasn't in class today. Homura didn't seem to be in class either. A couple of the girls in my class looked at Sayaka and me with some sympathy in their eyes.

I finally came to my seat. Saotome-Sensei was unusually late for class. When she walked into class, she had a very sombre look on her face. She finally addressed the class after clearing her throat.

“As some of you may be aware, a horrible atrocity happened last night at an old abandoned warehouse.” She began, “It claimed the lives of over a dozen people. The police called our Principal just before school this morning, to tell him that they had just confirmed that one of the victims is a classmates of yours.”

My eyes went wide in horror, and my mouth went agape in shock, over hearing this.

“6 AM this morning...” Saotome-Sensei said while struggling to continue, with her eyes watering a bit, “Hitomi Shizuki was confirmed dead, one of the victims of a large explosion of yet to be determined cause.”

Tears instantly welled up in my eyes. What I was hearing... what I was hearing saddened me deeply! Intellectually, I had yet to accept it, but emotionally, the impact was leaving me very scarred...

“Given what has occurred, the Principal has called off classes for today for our class, but school will continue on for other classes.” Saotome-Sensei said, “I would encourage each of you to take some time today to honour and mourn the sad passing of Hitomi Shizuki. She was a Honours Student, and she will be sorely missed. That is all. ...Class dismissed.”

With tears in my eyes, I looked over to where Sayaka was sitting. While her eyes had also watered a bit, what struck me the most was how ashen-faced she appeared, and how she seemed to be trembling a bit in rage! Saotome-Sensei, as well as most of our classmates, expressed their condolences to Sayaka and I before they left to go home. A few minutes later, the only people left in our classroom were Sayaka and I.

“This is all my fault!” she shouted, as she banged her fist down, like a hammer, on the side of the wall of our classroom, “If only I hadn't been a selfish coward! If only I hadn't been so cold to Hitomi lately. If only I had become a...”

But before Sayaka could finish her sentence, I heard Mami rush into the room.

“Madoka!” she shouted out to me, with a grief-stricken look in her face, “I just heard. I'm so sorry!”

Mami rushed over to me, and wrapped her arms around me to try to comfort me over Hitomi's death. I allowed myself to take comfort in Mami's gesture, as I cried upon her shoulder.

Sayaka calmed down a bit after Mami's appearance. After a minute or so, Mami released me from her comforting embrace, and turned her attention to Sayaka. Mami placed one hand on Sayaka's shoulders.

“You also have my deepest condolences, Sayaka.” Mami said to her, “I'm very sorry for what has happened.”

“I appreciate your condolences, Mami-san” Sayaka responded, “But there's nothing for you to be sorry for. This is my fault. This is my mistake! If I had made the right decision earlier this would not have happened!”

“Sayaka-chan...” I uttered breathlessly, “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean...” Sayaka began in answer, “I mean that I'm going to become a magical girl!”

__________________________________________________ ______________

Mami Friendship Chain

It was the morning after Mami's victory over the TV-witch. Mami had told Sayaka and I that while she really enjoyed watching a movie with the two of us, she felt it might be good for Sayaka and I to get a bit of a breather from the magical girl world, which would include us spending a day without Mami around.

Mami's idea was that after that day apart, which happened to be Friday, we'd meet up on Saturday noon-time to have a final discussion on whether or not Sayaka, I, or both of us would become magical girls. Mami wanted us to really think it over a lot during this one day break from her.

As I walked towards class this bright early morning alongside Sayaka, I noticed that Homura was back! She was walking down the hallway in the opposite direction of where Sayaka and I were heading. I was trying to remember what it is I was wanting to say to Homura... I think I wanted to thank her about something, but I couldn't remember what it was... Should I thank her in general and risk looking silly, or should I not bother with it?

Choice 11

A) “Thank you, Homura!”

B) Just politely say “Good morning” to Homura and move on.

Spoiler for Response A:

Spoiler for Response B:

Sayaka and I then entered our class. We were relieved to see Hitomi there, looking no worse for wear! Hitomi expressed some embarrassment to us over what had occurred to her yesterday evening and night, although it was clear to Sayaka and I that Hitomi was thankfully not aware of exactly what had happened.

Sayaka's eyes seemed to light up a bit when Hitomi said “They want me to come in after school today for more tests. It's such a pain...”

“I guess it'll just be you and me after school today, Madoka.” Sayaka said, while smirking towards me.

“You sound glad about that.” Hitomi responded, with a slight tone of hurt in her voice.

“Oh n-not at all!” Sayaka responded nervously, while trying to break the tension with a bit of laughter, “I was just trying to sound happy to improve the mood here, that's all. At least you seem to be Ok now, Hitomi. That's a relief!”

“Thank you.” Hitomi said, with a slight smile.

In fairness to Sayaka, I also liked the idea of getting to spend a lot of time talking to her alone. Her and I were both facing some tough decisions, and those decisions are ones that we can't tell Hitomi about. It'll probably be good for Sayaka and I to discuss them just amongst ourselves.

So after school, Sayaka and I headed to the outskirts of Mitakihara Town's main park. We rested upon the grassy slopes next to a large shimmering lake. Sayaka stretched her entire body out over the grassy slopes, while I sat beside her.

“It's been a pretty crazy week, hasn't it, Madoka?” Sayaka asked me.

“Yeah.” I answered, “It's hard to believe how much has changed in the last few days. How much we've found out. There's a whole world out there that most people will never know about.”

“And now we need to determine how involved we really want to get in that world.” Sayaka stated, “Have you come to a decision on that yet?”

I thought carefully on that question before answering it.

“I know that I want to keep supporting Mami-san.” I answered, “But I don't think I want to be a magical girl anymore. Well, unless Mami-san was ever in danger and needed immediate help from another magical girl of course.”

“Yeah, I think that's how I feel too.” Sayaka responded.

Sayaka then rolled over on her side to face me while she relaxed her head on one outstretched arm. She then smiled a bit dreamily at me. It was a strange look for Sayaka! I don't know if she's ever looked at me that way before!

“Speaking of Mami-san....” Sayaka began saying to me, “I was thinking of letting my hair grow out some, and trying to perm it to look like her's. What do yo think, Madoka?”

MFS Choice 1:

A) “I think your hair looks very nice the way it is, Sayaka.”

B) “That's a great idea! Then you and Mami would look like some sort of dynamic duo protecting all of Mitakihara Town!”

Spoiler for Response MFSA:

Spoiler for Response MFSB:

“Becoming a magical girl is one change I'm not sure about.” continued Sayaka, “There is a wish I'd really like to make... but I don't know if fulfilling that wish is enough reason in and of itself to take the risks that both Mami-san and Akemi-san have warned us about. Especially since I'm now confident that between the two of them, they have our city well-protected. I doubt our city truly needs another magical girl.”

“That's true.” I responded, “I also think Mami-san and Homura can handle things without us needing to become magical girls. But what is the wish you really want to make, Sayaka? Is it one for Kamijo?”

Sayaka breathed a deep sigh over that.

“Yeah, it is.” Sayaka said, before rolling over to her other side, and facing away from me, “Madoka, the problem is... my heart is torn in two. Half of it belongs to Kamijo, and the other half belongs.... to someone else. And for me to become a magical girl just for Kamijo's sake, I'd need to feel like my whole heart belonged to him.”

Sayaka's words here truly stunned me, and made me blink uneasily. I never knew she had a crush on somebody else! I wonder who it could be...

“...Who is this other person you have romantic feelings for?” I asked.

Affection Calculation Time! To determine what happens next, calculate your affection level with Sayaka Miki. In order to make that calculation, refer to the following data to determine the net effect of your choices.

Spoiler for Sayaka Miki Affection Data:

If your overall affection level with Sayaka Miki is +2 or higher and if you chose A or B for Choice 1, then read section Sayaka Confession, otherwise read section Sayaka Decision.

Spoiler for Sayaka Confession:

Spoiler for Sayaka Decision:

After getting home, I decided to do some homework, and hopefully get a good night's sleep. Even though tomorrow was Saturday, I couldn't help but feel that it would be another big day!


And I suspect that this will be my most controversial update yet.

Oh well, hope it works for Madoka/Mami and Madoka/Sayaka shippers alike. ^_^

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