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On one hand I think this is actually a moment where I can see why the writers think this is "cutting edge". Now I can see it's actually made a genuine attempt rather than the pathetic attempts where it clearly doesn't realise it's actually doing the exact opposite and was creating something more akin to a Hollywood action flick.

On the other hand I can't tell whether this is good attempt or not, despite it's sincerity. All the students and Shu included seem to be acting like complete morons and this is actually probably close to what would happen in real life. I can't imagine a resistance like that not suffer from stupidity on a large scale. Hell even grown adults aren't much better. Just look at Libya for example. Things aren't exactly peachy there.The problem is, though that I don't know if that was entirely intentional or not because no one seems to point out that everyone is suffering from low IQ.

For one thing it all stems from the fact that Shu decided to be all kinds of stupid and tried to maintain such a bizarre degree of discipline. Throwing students in prison just because they decided to have a converstation? Making students behave by threatening to kill them? To be honest I can't sure whether such a 180 degree swing is believable. On the one hand I can see it happening but on the other I just think it happened far too quickly. Any remorse for his actions that he displayed with Inori was really just token.

Then there's the whole Arise problem. So you just find out that Inori attacked and injured Arise. Wouldn't it be a good idea to talk to Arise about it? I mean she was injured for Christ sake. There's obviously going to be problems somewhere down the road if nothing is done about it. He went as far as to make Inori talk to Tsugumi when Tsugumi was feeling down. Was this just an uncharacteristic lack of foresight on Shu's part or did Shu conciously think he could just avoid the problem? We don't know, and for a crucial plot development we really ought to so I'm tempted to call it a plot hole.

Then there's Arise herself. Frankly I don't get why everyone is calling her a slut for using her body. I mean seriously it's not like she had a choice or anything. Or at least that's what I can only assume. I suppose the jig would've been up if the dickhead with the glasses looked at her call history, but why? If the call history said Gai then there wouldn't have really been a problem. Arise could've told Shu and still lead him into a trap. If the call history said GHQ however, then there really would've been a problem but then why would Arise just accept something that's coming from GHQ as legit? It's like that stupid Void Reader all over again. Is it because she was so desperate to have Gai back that she wanted to believe? It's plausable but we just have no idea. The writers didn't feel the need to give us any answers. We can make as many theories as we like but it's all just fanwaking. The other problem is how she'll deal with the dickhead with the glasses now that she's done with him. If she's seriously gonna let him off the hook then I'm going to really facepalm.

And then there's wingus and dingus. Someone please tell me how they got to be in such high positions and gain such a ridiculous amount of trust with Shu when they act like dickheads all the time, threatened to kill Arise and nearly assulted Ayase that one time? We never even got to see why their voids were worth the trouble. But the big problem is that we don't even know what they're trying to achieve anymore. They know they can't trust the GHQ so what makes them think they'll have it any better if they oust the guy who's already been giving them preferential treatment? Again, we don't know. It just seems like the writers created these dickheads to be dickheads for no reason.

And then there's the whole issue with the dying if your voids break. Why is that even an issue? Risk vs benefits, people. Risk vs benefits...

And then there was the betrayal itself and the bizarre UN scene. Triple R pretty much nailed it.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Yeah, Shu's been acting like a cruel and petty Dictator, but he actually did serve the key role in saving all of the students. To turn on him at that point makes them look like ungrateful scumbags, to be brutally honest about it. And the thing is that most of them weren't coming off like that before.

So I have no clue in this world what this anime's writing staff is now going for thematically. I have my doubts that even they know.

It's disappointing, because for the past several episodes I could at least see a method to the madness. But this episode... this episode was simply pure madness. All the great production values in the world can't hide that for me.


The UN voting to "terminate" Japan just puts it over the top for me too. I guess most of the world's nations in Guilty Crown are run by genocidal madmen now.
I can genuinly see now that it was trying to be ambituous but...I just don't think it was done as well as it could've been.
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