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Mami Lives Chapter 4
Mami Romance Chain

“I'm going to become a magical girl!”

This declaration by Sayaka initially took Mami and I by surprise. But only for a moment.

“Sayaka...” Mami began in reply to the declaration, “I can certainly understand you wanting to wish Hitomi back to life, but...”

Wish Hitomi back to life...” Sayaka said under her breath, while I could see nervous beads of sweat form upon her forehead, “... I'm a bit ashamed to admit that such an option hadn't occurred to me until you mentioned it just then, Mami.”

“Oh?” Mami asked, taken aback by this, “What wish did you have in mind then?"

“Actually, it's the same wish I've been considering for a few days now.” Sayaka answered, “It's just that Hitomi's death has made me realize that this city also needs another magical girl protector.”

“No, this is all my fault.” Mami said, in a tone of depression “If I hadn't been neglectful in my magical girl duties...”

... I think I knew what Mami meant by this. And I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all.

“Mami, what do you mean by that?” I asked, in a hurt tone of voice.

“Madoka, I'm...” Mami began in uneasy reply, with deeply conflicted feelings coming to the fore, “... As much as I truly loved the time we spent together yesterday, it is nonetheless true that if I was properly carrying out my magical girl duties your friend might still be alive.”

If you chose A for M Opportunity Choice 2, read section “MOCA Lingering Effects”. Otherwise, read section “Mami has Second Thoughts About the Romance”.

Spoiler for MOCA Lingering Effects:

Spoiler for Mami has Second Thoughts About the Romance:

“No.” Sayaka quickly interjected, “That's not fair to you and Madoka! It's not fair that you'd have to give up on what your heart desires simply to defend this city. And that's why I should become a magical girl! If I become a magical girl to pick up some of the slack for you, then you can afford to have more of a normal life, Mami. And Madoka... Madoka won't have to have her heart broken, which I would hate to have to see.”

The mood in the room was already tense, but Sayaka's words here made them even more tense. While I could tell that Sayaka felt strong in her convictions, I could also tell that Mami and myself were feeling deeply conflicted over the current situation.

When I thought of losing Mami the day after our very first date, it made me so unbearably sad.

But then, if Sayaka became a magical girl for my sake, and was to meet with a horrific end due to it, I don't know if I could live with myself...

Into this tense atmosphere, came a voice which had such a contrasting enthusiasm to it that it was hard not feel the nasty clash of moods.

“I agree with Sayaka Miki!” stated Kyubey, who had arrived in our classroom after following behind Mami, “But it sounds like Sayaka now has two wishes she would like to make, and I can only grant one per contract...”

“That's right.” I said under my breath, before addressing Sayaka, “I know that your wish is to heal the hand of Kamijo, so that he can live out his dream of being a great violinist. But now there is also the matter of giving Hitomi a second chance at life as well!”

Sayaka's face than looked unsteady, as indecision began to take hold of her. That hold would soon be broken, however.

“Second chances often come at an overwhelming cost.” came the cool, crisp voice of Akemi Homura, as she walked into class, before she made a piercing gaze towards Mami, “I hope that my choice to give you a second chance, Mami Tomoe, won't come at an overwhelming cost to me.”

Homura's cold words made me instinctively take hold of Mami's right hand with my left hand, in order to comfort her given the harsh words that Homura may say to her.

“...What do you mean?” Mami asked Homura.

“If you had died in battle against the witch that I saved you from, the sight of that likely would have driven out any desire these two girls would have for becoming magical girls.” Homura began in answer, “These two girls should not become magical girls. There is simply not enough Grief Seeds to go around.”

“Is that all you care about right now?!” Sayaka questioned Homura angrily, “Besides, we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now if you had been there to save Hitomi. Where were you yesterday?"

Sayaka and Homura glared menacingly at each other given their recent words.

“What you want to know is something that I want to talk to Mami Tomoe about privately.” Homura replied, “What she does with that information is up to her.”

“Why can't you tell all of us?” I asked Homura.

But Homura allowed that question to go unanswered.

“As she has made clear, Akemi Homura refuses to trust you.” Kyubey interjected, “So you have no reason to trust her. Sayaka Miki, once you choose a wish I...”

“I will say this one last time.” Akemi Homura said, interrupting Kyubey as she strode over to Sayaka, nearly touching her nose to nose.

Sayaka inched away from Homura ever so slightly in response to this movement, but I could tell that Sayaka didn't want to appear weak in the face of Homura's firmness.

“Don't become a magical girl.” Homura said to Sayaka, as the two made steely eye contact, “I can assure you that you will regret such a choice. Your wish may bring happiness to one, but it will bring much sadness to several others once the full price of that wish is extracted.”

Homura then turned her head sideways, to address me.

“The same goes for you as well, Kaname Madoka.” Homura said to me, “I... sympathize with your sad loss of a close friend, but loss is an inescapable part of life. Trying to break free of those bonds will only bring greater tragedy with it.”

Homura then slowly walked away, leaving the classroom. Mami looked very sad and dejected. Sayaka was trembling in a mixture of anger, fear, and uncertainty.

“She may have saved all of our lives once, but still...” Sayaka stated in a low tone, as I could sense a desire to vent rage swelling up inside of her.

“The fact she saved our lives means that she has our best intentions at heart, though.” I said to Sayaka, “I don't think that Homura wishes us ill.”

“Still...” said Mami, as she started to surprise me by sounding a disagreeing note, “If you and Sayaka were both to become magical girls, the potential for good is immense. Sayaka could wish to heal the hand of the musical prodigy that was mentioned. You could wish for your friend to be brought back to life. With all three of us as magical girls, each of us could afford a semblance of normal life. And then, Madoka... then...”

I could sense Mami taking hold of my shoulders, and staring lovingly into my eyes. I winced at the thought of not supporting Mami's deepest desires here. But Homura's words had also cut deep into me.

“But would there be enough Grief Seeds to go around?” I asked, “I know it seems like a selfish question, but each magical girl needs them, right? Would greater tragedy arise from us wishing to help others?”

“I understand your concern, Madoka” Mami said in such a soothing voice as she patted my head, and held me close to her, “Whatever you and Sayaka decide, I'll be fine with. If you both decide to not become magical girls, I'll do my best to preserve our romantic bond, and my friendship with both you and Sayaka... but I'm not sure that I can make any promises there. If you both decide to become magical girls, then I'll definitely be fine with that as well. In any event, though, you must choose soon. Especially as far as Hitomi Shizuki is concerned. Raising the dead is sure to draw ever-increasing attention the longer the dead has been departed. If a wish to bring Hitomi back to life is made today, then explaining it to the wider world without them learning of the world of magical girls or wishes should be easy. But if we wait too long...”

“Mami is right.” Sayaka said, “We need to choose now. After hearing all sides of the discussion, I can't say that I'm entirely certain of what I should do, although I certainly do now want to become a magical girl. Still, I've always had great respect for your opinion on difficult issues like this one, Madoka. So I want to hear what you think we should do.”

Choice M2:

A) “I find Homura's words very persuasive. I think that neither of us should become magical girls, Sayaka.”

B) “I no longer feel up to becoming a magical girl, but perhaps it would be best if you became one, Sayaka. I think that you're stronger than I am here.”

C) “I find Mami's words very persuasive. I think that both of us should become magical girls!”

If you choose A, read Section M2A and disregard the rest of the Chapter. If you chose C, read Section M2C, and disregard the rest of the Chapter. If you chose B, skip over both of those sections and read the rest of the Chapter.

For Section M2A, listen to the music here, in order to get more of that full VN Effect.

For Section M2C, listen to the music here.

Spoiler for Section M2A:

Spoiler for Section M2C:

“I understand and respect your decision, Madoka...” Sayaka began in reply to it, “But it does make it more difficult for me to know what I should wish for if I go ahead and become a magical girl. Will you hold it against me if I wish for Kamijo's sake rather than Hitomi's?”

I hated the thought of Hitomi's life being cut off at such a young age when one wish could save her, especially with that wish being used to merely heal a young man's hand instead. But at the same time, I had to respect the deep and abiding love that Sayaka felt for Kamijo. Her decision was not an easy one now, and so I didn't want to hold her choice against her.

“No, Sayaka, I won't hold your choice against you.” I told her, “Whatever you decide, I'll be Ok with it.”

“I'm glad to hear that.” Sayaka said, forcing a slight smile.

“But with that being said, Sayaka.” Mami interjected, “If you do wish for the benefit of Kamijo, I would encourage you to make that wish in his presence, with him fully aware of how it is you that has healed his hand.”

“Is it really Ok for Kyousuke to learn about the world of magical girls and witches?” Sayaka asked in reply.

“Well, some normal humans are able to cope with such knowledge.” Mami explained, “After all, Madoka and yourself have both coped well with it, and Madoka intends to remain a normal human.”

“Still...” Sayaka said, clenching one hand into a fist as I think she felt very uneasy over Mami's suggestion here.

Choice M3

A) “I'm sorry, Mami, but I don't think that Sayaka should reveal that to Kamijo. I've known Kamijo for awhile, and I'm not sure if he could cope with this sort of knowledge.”

B) “I agree with Mami!” I shout to Sayaka, “If you do choose to make a wish for Kamijo, you should make that wish in front of him so that he'll know that it's you that he has to thank for being healed!”

Spoiler for Response M3A:

Spoiler for Response M3B:

With that, the three of us, along with Kyubey, left the school for the day.

Later that day Sayaka would indeed make a wish to heal Kyosuke's hand!

After doing that, she sprinted over to a restaurant that Mami and I were enjoying a late evening snack at. Sayaka showed off her new magical girl outfit to Mami and I! I have to admit that it was very dashing, and pretty!

I think I had seen Sayaka's magical girl outfit somewhere before, but I couldn't quite place where... Well, my mind had been so rocked by all of the emotional roller coaster rides of the past few days that it probably made sense that I couldn't remember where I had seen it before.

Sayaka proudly proclaimed to Mami and I that she'd take up patrolling the city for witches and familiars over the weekend so that Mami and I should take this time to further enjoy one another's company. Mami said she'd prefer to accompany Sayaka on Sayaka's first fight with a witch or familiar as a magical girl, and also that she wanted to give me some time to recover from this week's events before the two of us moved forward in our relationship.

Sayaka saw the wisdom in that, and so agreed to it.

But come Monday morning, the day after Hitomi's funeral, Mami would approach me with a new idea...

__________________________________________________ _________

Mami Friendship Chain

Sayaka and I had agreed to meet up with Mami noontime Saturday, in order to come to a final decision on Kyubey's desire for Sayaka and I to contract with him as magical girls. This meeting would take place at a bench near the very middle of Mitakihara Town's main park.

If you chose B for S Opportunity Choice 1, then now read Section MadoSaya Begins. Otherwise, skip over it.

If you chose A for S Opportunity Choice 1, then now read Section Healing Hurts. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for MadoSaya Begins:

Spoiler for Healing Hurts:

Mami was the last of the three of us to arrive at the noontime Saturday meeting place. With a cheerful smile on her face, and Kyubey perched upon her shoulder, she shouted out “Hello!” while waving towards Sayaka and I.

Sayaka and I greeted her in turn.

“It's a bit cloudy today.” Mami said, “But at least the sun's light is still shining through it in order to give the upper atmosphere a golden hue. Now then, have you both made final choices on whether or not to become magical girls, or do you want to talk over it first?"

“With apologies to Kyubey, I've decided to not become a magical girl.” I said to Mami, “There's simply no wish I have that I think is worth risking my life over. Besides, I think that I can still help you even as a normal girl!”

“Yes, I'm sure that you can.” Mami replied to me with a warm smile, “And what about you, Sayaka? What's your decision?”

If you chose B for S Opportunity Choice 1, then now read Section Sayaka Stays a Normal Girl. Otherwise, read Section Sayaka Aims for Kamijo!

Spoiler for Sayaka Stays a Normal Girl:

Spoiler for Sayaka Aims for Kamijo!:

With it now very late, I finally went to sleep, after a short chat with my mama and papa. I was looking forward to a Sunday that hopefully would be free of anything having to do with magical girls or witches.


night_sentinel, due to a specific constructive criticism you've made, I've now edited "15 minutes" to be "40 Minutes" for a certain section in Chapter 9. Major edits can be difficult for me, but I'm always up for good, small ones that my readers suggest.

Lots of thanks to you, Sol, and Kogetsu for your ongoing feedback. Admittedly, maybe capturing Homura's voice is hard for me. I wanted to make her seem cool, and a bit cold, but not overly repetitive of what we already hear her say in the anime itself. Perhaps doing all of that made her seem a bit off in Chapter 9. I might slightly edit that later, as such.

Hope everybody enjoys Mami Lives Chapter 4 at least! Any and all feedback on that is quite welcomed. ^_^

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