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Chapter 10
Canon Route Chain


That's what Sayaka said in a tone of surprise to me as she walked through the automatic doors leading into her house. Kyubey was perched upon her shoulders.

“Sayaka.” I replied, as I turned sideways to face her, “Are you... You know...”

“Yeah, I'm going on patrol for wicked witches!” Sayaka exclaimed in reply, thankfully picking up on what I was trying to get at here, “It's a duty of all allies of justice!”

“You're going alone?” I asked, in a tone of concern and sadness.

“I'll be fine.” Sayaka replied, while she posed like a proud pro wrestler, “It was Mami's job, right? So now it's my job as her junior.”

Hearing Sayaka refer to Mami like that only heightened my concern, really.

“Um...” I began, as I strenuously searched for the right words to say here, “I can't really do anything, and I know I'll just get in your way, but... I promise I'll stay out of your way if you take me along!”

That didn't come out quite right. In fact, I kinda contradicted myself. In the anxiety of the moment, I had also dropped my schoolbag. As deeply worried for Sayaka as I was due to all of the warnings Homura had made, I shouldn't have been this flustered. ...Did Sayaka mean more to me than I had thought?

Thankfully, Sayaka seemed a bit amused by my words and actions here.

“Aren't you trying too hard?” she asked me, as she tilted her head playfully to the side, and smiled towards me.

“Sorry...” I replied, “I know, I'll just be a distraction so I can't go.”

“Nah.” Sayaka exclaimed while she took hold of both of my hands with the two of her's, “I'd love to bring you!”

I gasped slightly over Sayaka's actions here. No, not just over her actions, but also over how much her hands were trembling!

“You can tell, right?” Sayaka continued, “My hands have been shaking all this time. I'm so ashamed. I'm a magical girl, but going alone made me feel so lonely... So you won't be in the way at all! I'm really happy you're coming! Just having someone there is really reassuring! With you coming along, I feel like I could take on the world!”

Wow... Maybe I also meant more to Sayaka than I had thought...

“I...” I began in reply to her, trying to find good, supportive words to say.

“I'll protect you.” Sayaka excitedly said, interrupting my reply, “So don't worry, come along!”

“Let's go witch-hunting again!” Sayaka exclaimed, as she patted me on the shoulders.

I cheerfully replied approvingly of this. But Kyubey did have a warning to make to Sayaka over it.

“You understand the danger that you're putting yourself in, correct?” he asked her.

“I'm kind of a ditz.” Sayaka replied to Kyubey, while the three of us began Sayaka's patrol, “So if I'm alone I'm sure I'll make all sorts of mistakes. With Madoka at my side, I'll be a lot more cautious.”

“I see.” responded Kyubey, “As long as you've thought it through.”

Kyubey then spoke to me telepathically.

'You have your own reasons, Madoka.' he said to me, as he turned his head around to face him, 'I know you want to protect Sayaka. Really, just by being there you're our ace in the hole.'

'I'm...' I replied telepathically to Kyubey, wondering if I should simply become a magical girl right now, providing Sayaka with much greater help than I currently could.

'You don't have to say anything now.' Kyubey said to me, 'Sayaka would be against it anyway. But if you ever decide on it, I'll be ready.'

Sayaka, Kyubey, and I soon started to blend in amongst the crowd of people walking through the commercial area we all were in. Oddly enough, none of them noticed Sayaka holding out her blue Soul Gem in front of her, using it to try to locate a witch or familiar. But it didn't take long for Sayaka to locate one.

“Here it is.” Sayaka said, as she and I finally came to a stop.

There seemed to be a witch or a familiar near the bottom of a flight of stairs directly in front of Sayaka and I. I think that they lead to some sort of energy maintenance or plumbing area deep within the bowels of the city. Suddenly, we noticed a very bright greenish yellow light in front of us.

“This barrier was probably formed by a familiar, not a witch.” Kyubey said.

As Sayaka and I walked through the familiar's barrier, the steps and walls now seemed an unearthly bright neon green. I also saw giant crayons falling in front of us, and what I think was a partially melted yellow ruler overheard. The sides of the walls also now kinda resembled humongous pieces of notebook paper. It was pretty creepy, but to be fair, I've certainly seen worse in recent days. So it wasn't too hard for me to keep walking behind Sayaka, supporting her.

As we moved further along, I suddenly heard some loud, playful grunting, as though coming from some rambunctious young boy. Next thing I knew, yellow balls were bouncing all around us! Sayaka quickly took hold of my shoulders, and forced the two of us to crouch down defensively, while her upper torso provided me with added protection.

“There it is!” I shouted, as I took notice of some bizarre cartoonish creature flying around in what looked like a WWII era fighter plane.

“Got it!” Sayaka shouted, as she quickly transformed into her magical girl outfit.

Immediately after doing so, she wrapped her white cape all around herself. Then, upon pulling it back, Sayaka revealed nine long swords in a circular formation all around her! I have to admit that she looked really dashing and cool right now. As for myself, I carefully took a defensive posture behind Sayaka, while Kyubey rested on my shoulder.

Sayaka then took hold of one blade after another after another, rapidly throwing them at the familiar! That's an unusual way to use swords in battle. I wonder if it was inspired by how Mami had used her muskets?

The familiar appeared frightened by Sayaka's opening attack, and desperately tried to avoid it. The familiar successfully dodged the first four swords, as those ended up impaling into the side of the wall. But much to the surprise of Sayaka and I, two of her swords were knocked away by some sort of whip-like weapon with a large, sharp point at the end of it! Those two swords were deflected into the ground, just a couple meters in front of Sayaka.

And then... then I saw a redheaded girl that looked vaguely familiar to me. She gracefully landed upon the handle of one of Sayaka's swords, causing it to magically disperse into many fine particles. This girl seemed very acrobatic, and she was wearing a long-flowing reddish dress!

“Hey, what the heck are you two doing?!” she angrily asked of Sayaka and I.

The familiar's barrier than dissipated, as it made its getaway.

If you choose A for Choice 3, right Section Prophetic Dreams. Otherwise, skip over it.

Prophetic Dreams
Spoiler for Prophetic Dreams:

“Who are you?!” Sayaka angrily asked of this redheaded girl, while sprinting after the escaping familiar.

But then this redheaded girl pointed her spear directly at Sayaka's neck, and extended its length towards Sayaka, causing Sayaka to quickly stop sprinting with the point of the spear only an inch from her neck! I was really freaked out by this! Just who is this redheaded girl?

“Can't you tell?” she asked Sayaka, “That's a familiar, not a witch. Those don't drop Grief Seeds.”

Sayaka then backed away a bit while trying to explain herself to this other magical girl.

“But if I leave it be, it'll kill someone!” Sayaka explained.

This redheaded girl then started biting into some sort of crunchy sweet bread snack. While chewing it, she continued to address Sayaka.

“Yeah, you wait for it to do that and grow into a witch.” she stated to Sayaka, “That's how you get Grief Seeds. You're killing the goose that lays the golden eggs here.”

Sayaka was pretty taken aback by the viewpoint presented by this other magical girl. I myself found it a bit cold and heartless. That being said, I couldn't deny the pragmatism behind this other girl's position.

“Are you saying that we should just watch the witches kill people?!” Sayaka asked of this other magical girl.

“You have some really messed up ideas, kid.” responded the other magical girl, “Haven't you heard of the food chain? You should've learned it in school.”

This other magical girl then licked her lips, after taking another bite of her snack. She then started walking somewhat threateningly towards Sayaka.

“Witches eat weak humans.” she said, “Then we eat those witches. It's a law of nature. Just the order of things.”

While saying this, the redheaded magical girl kept walking forward, forcing Sayaka to walk backwards. I think her goal might have been to put some distance between Sayaka and I. Unfortunately, I realized this too late! Soon a magical barrier of metallic red ribbons formed all around me, cutting me off from Sayaka and this other magical girl.

“You... You're...” Sayaka began in seething reply, as I could tell this redheaded magical girl had angered her greatly!

“Wait, don't tell me you're going to give me that line of crap about “helping people” and “justice”?” she teasingly asked, while leaning her face in close to Sayaka's.

“Is that really why you contracted with him?” this other girl said, while tilting her head to look at Kyubey.

“What are you trying to say?!” Sayaka asked angrily, as she pulled back her sword and then swung it forwards at the other magical girl.

Oh no! It looks like they're going to fight!

The other magical girl used the shaft of her spear to block Sayaka's sword. Sayaka pressed hard against that shaft to try to slice through it, but to no avail. It seems like this redheaded girl is at least a bit stronger than Sayaka is...

“Give it a rest, kid.” the redheaded girl said to Sayaka.

But Sayaka continued to struggle against the other magical girl and her spear. That other magical girl calmly went about eating her sweet bread snack. I think she was trying to demonstrate to Sayaka how hopeless a fight between the two of them would be for Sayaka...

“You think you're just playing around, don't you?” the redheaded girl asked rhetroically, “What a nuisance!”

The redheaded girl then pushed Sayaka back with a forward thrust of her spear. This sent Sayaka into screaming flight!

Part of me felt compelled to try to reason with this redheaded girl, as I really feared that Sayaka could get seriously hurt in a fight with this girl! But at the same time, there was a part of me that felt very angry with this redheaded girl, and wanted to give her a piece of my mind...

This all left me wondering what, if anything, I should say.

Choice 12:

A) Do and say nothing. Hope for the best.

B) “Please don't hurt my friend! We get your point! If you don't hurt her, I'll make sure she accepts what you said, and becomes a magical girl like yourself!”

C) “Stop provoking Sayaka, you big meanie! Just what kind of magical girl are you?! Mami Tomoe was nothing like you! She fought witches and familiars, and she was a great magical girl!”

If you choose B, read Section 12B, and disregard the rest of the chapter. If you choose C, read Section 12C, and disregard the rest of the chapter. If you choose A, skip over both of these sections.

Spoiler for Section 12B:

Spoiler for Section 12C:

The redheaded magical girl then transformed her spear into some kind of chain-whip, as she started to twirl around! The end of the chain-whip struck with fearsome velocity against Sayaka's sword, sending Sayaka flying once more! Sayaka crashed against the side of the wall, causing a piece of piping to break loose, spurting forth water. Sayaka crashed nastily against the ground, while her sword fell into the ground, nearby her.

Sayaka-chan!” I screamed in extreme concern.

The redheaded girl chortled a bit over her dominance her.

“Now go cool your heels somewhere.” she said to Sayaka.

The redheaded girl then started to walk away. Much to her surprise, though, a heavily breathing Sayaka started to slowly rise to her feet. This seemed to greatly irritate the redheaded magical girl.

“I don't get it.” she said, “That should have put you out of action for months.”

“Sayaka, are you Ok?” I asked, as I was deeply concerned about her here.

“It's because she became a magical girl by wishing for someone's recovery.” Kybuey stated, “She has superhuman regenerative powers.”

“Who the hell would listen to you?!” Sayaka asked angrily of the redheaded girl, “If it wasn't for people like you, Mami would...”

“You tick me off.” the redheaded magical girl said, as I think Sayaka mentioning Mami really struck a nerve with her, “You really tick me off!”

The two angrily shouted at one another one more time, before launching themselves into close quarters combat!

Sparks flew and steel clanged as spear repeatedly struck against sword. The fighting was fiercely frenzied, as they both moved about so quickly that it was difficult for me to keep track of their moving bodies. I screamed out to Sayaka, as I wanted the fighting to stop, but Kyubey encouraged me to stay back.

The redheaded girl then wrapped her chain-whip around Sayaka's body, and used it to whip Sayaka hard into the side of the wall! The redheaded girl then announced that she intended to kill Sayaka! She sprinted at Sayaka with such blazing speed. I was totally petrified. I wasn't sure what to do!

But then Sayaka stunned the redheaded girl by successfully blocking the point of the spear with the point of her sword!

“I won't lose!” Sayaka shouted at her, “I can't lose!”

A giant spark formed due to the points of the two weapons scraping against one another. Everything seemed so incredibly dangerous to me!

The redheaded girl then took to the air, leaping an awesomely high distance upwards! She then came crashing downwards diagonally, pointing her spear at Sayaka. The spear crashed into the ground so hard that it caused a huge chunk of it to shatter open, leaving a small crater in its wake. Sayaka barely managed to dodge the blow! But this wasn't enough to frighten Sayaka into shying away from further combat.

With a look of fierce anger and resolve on her face, and with a loud battle cry, Sayaka leaped back into combat! Once more, sparks flew and steel clanged as spear struck against sword!

“What do I do?” I asked myself out loud, “Why is this happening?! She's not a witch! They're on the same side! Why do they have to fight?!”

“It can't be helped.” explained Kyubey, “Neither of them will back down.”

“Please, Kyubey, stop them!” I begged of him, “This shouldn't be happening!”

“I can't do anything.” Kyubey replied, “But...”

Kyubey then leaped down from off of my shoulder.

“If you want to force them to stop, there is one way.” he explained to me, “Only another magical girl could get between them. But you could do that. If you really wanted to.”

That's right... If I contract...

The redheaded girl then took the upper-hand in her fight against Sayaka. With her chain-whip, she had dragged Sayaka down to the ground.

I was so intensely worried about Sayaka here. I feared if I didn't become a magical girl right now that Sayaka would get killed!

Should I become a magical girl or shouldn't I? It was now or never!

If you chose B for Opportunity Choice 6, skip over section “Madoka Becomes a Magical Girl!”. Otherwise, read it and disregard the rest of the chapter.

To get more of that Full VN effect for Section "Madoka Becomes a Magical Girl!", listen to the song at this link while you read that section.

Spoiler for Madoka Becomes a Magical Girl!:

“I...” I began uneasily, before I was suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted.

“That will not be necessary.” came the voice of Akemi Homura, as I caught a split-second glance of her moving by me.

Next thing I knew, the redheaded girl's spear crashed harmlessly into the ground below, while Sayaka had somehow been instantly moved a few meters away from it! Homura then came to a soft landing on a puddle of water.

Sayaka and the redheaded girl were both stunned by Homura's sudden appearance. The redheaded girl attacked Homura, but to no avail, as Homura somehow moved instantly from one spot to another. It really did seem like Homura had teleportation powers!

Unfortunately, Sayaka wanted to continue fighting the redheaded girl, and asked Homura to get out of her way. This prompted Homura to use some lightning quick movement that I didn't quite perceive in order to render Sayaka unconscious. I raced over to Sayaka, and crouched over her to make sure she was Ok.

Homura then talked down the redheaded girl, causing her to decide to head off.

“Did you just save us?” I asked Homura.

“How many times do I have to warn you?” Homura asked me, “You're such an idiot.”

Homura's insult really stung, I have to admit...

“How many times have I told you to not get involved?” Homura asked again, “If you do something stupid, I'm not holding back.”

Homura's threatening words here had left me in tears, especially since they were so startling given the discussion we had just before Sayaka's first fight against a witch.

Homura then slowly walked away, while Kyubey expressed some words of concern to me over what Homura could be planning with all of this.

While I was relieved that Sayaka had managed to survive this day, I was deeply worried over what Homura, or this redheaded magical girl, might decide to do next...

__________________________________________________ _________

The main route of Chapter 10 was running much longer than I thought it would, but I really didn't want to cut off any possible narrative branch that I felt was plausible and interesting.

So my plans are this: With apologies to readers mostly into "Mami Lives", the next update will be "Chapter 11", after which I will get back to "Mami Lives". "Chapter 11" will feature "Special Short Chain 5" and the continuation of the Homura/Sayaka Alliance Chain. Think of Special Short Chain 5 as a kind of extended special ending.

When/if this is adapted into a VN, I'll have both this Chapter and Chapter 11 all make up just one chapter in the VN, to avoid any possible confusion for game players.

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