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Originally Posted by Extremesonic101 View Post
No not at all, you can keep it as is but mention somewere on the board, like in a foot not at the bottom put something like *Scratched Portraits/Light Red Text = Dead and cause, Deep Red Text = Family Member Dead.

That way the people with greyed portraits mean they're dead and the text can remain, the people who have text on them but have coloured portraits mean someone close to them died. Just so that people can be clear without having to change all the colours around

/not sure if I'm making sense ^^;
Yep, that's what I meant by 'coloured text legend'. But aye, thanks for your input!

Should the now deceased teacher's mother be included on the scoreboard? The problem is that we don't know her name or the date of her death. Oh yes, is there any point in including Mei's stillborn sister? The same problem crops up yet again, though. Were we ever told Kubodera's first name?


Spoiler for Another Fatality Scoreboard - Episode 07:


- Created a colour legend for the text. Red text refers to the character shown, whereas dark red text refers to any deceased relatives.

- Created a folder for any misc. deaths. such as Kubodera's.

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