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I've read all Nadeko Snake and I rewatched the anime. I was surprised to see it was a little less faithful then Nisemonogatari.

-They cut most of the initial part with Kanbaru, from Kanbaru calling it a date (Kanbaru basically stole Araragi's first date from Senjougahara), Kanbaru insinuating she would mind if Araragi got frisky with her in the wild, Kanbaru being asked from Araragi to change the way she calls him and then she came out with "Ragi", "Ragiko", "Koyomi" and in the end back as before, and much more, among which the "can I strip" gag.
-Araragi told Kanbaru to wear long sleeves and long pants because they were going on a mountain, Kanbaru in itself did as she was told, but arrived with torn jeans and a shirt that exposed her midriff. Araragi told her to at least button up her outerwear.
-The Serpentarius was referenced. It seems Kanbaru has some notions of astronomy (possibly from Senjougahara).
-While Araragi said Kanbaru's granny helped her making the lunch, it was more like the reverse, with Kanbaru even failing to be of help.
-Hanekawa chose some reference books for Araragi, but they were too expensive and Araragi noted he only had 10000 yen in his purse. Hanekawa then chose other books with cost as a criterion, and he ended up with a pile of books that precisely costed 10000 yen.
-Hanekawa said she got those headache because she had been busy and slacked off with her study.
-Kanbaru boasted being able to hit on a younger girl in less than 10 seconds.
-Araragi send Kanbaru to the convenience store buying the things they needed for the exorcism. Kanbaru had no money on her, so he'd pay for everything. It turned out Kanbaru had no money but she was carrying a school swimsuit.
-Oshino said that, unlike the others, Sengoku was a genuine victim.
-Oshino explained more about the Jagirinawa. He said snakes crush the bones of their prey to swallow them whole. When the curse is complete, the Jagirinawa's head enters through the mouth of its victim. It was meant to look like that.
-Araragi and Kanbaru revealed to Sengoku their kaii. Araragi hasn't told anything to Hanekawa about the crab, the snail and the monkey, and Hanekawa forgot about the cat.
-While facing the snake, Araragi saw himself as having defensive power whereas Kanbaru had offensive power. Mentally he was still trying to find a way to win.
-Talking with Tsukihi, he remembered he called Sengoku "Sen-chan". At the time it was almost a chore for him to play with his sisters' friends.
-It was explained briefly that after the exorcism it was late so the three splept together at the ruined cram school.
-Araragi doesn't know which person the snake returned to, whether the boy or the girl. Ultimately for him and for Sengoku it was "unnecessary" to know. "Unnecessary" as a word is written with snake + foot. This was the punchline of the story.

-All the flashbacks Sengoku had of her childhood were anime original. It should have been easy to imagine since the story is told from the point of view of Araragi. If anything, Sengoku fell for Araragi not because he repaired her bike, but because of his comebacks. She is shown to laugh at those several times.
-I think that while the lines were the same, having Sengoku speak so much somehow changed the impression. Araragi presented her as a new kind of character, the silent one (Shinobu -> haughty. Oshino -> sarcasm. Hanekawa -> sermon. Senjougahara -> abusive. Hachikuji -> polite rudeness. Kanbaru -> flattery). He noted that even Shinobu had become like that recentely though.

-In Nadeko Snake Sengoku was wearing her hat over her eyes and looking downward, but IIRC only in the first part of Tsubasa Cat it was mentioned her bangs cover her eyes.

EDIT: it is mentioned here vampires are weak to poison, that's one of the reason Araragi was having troubles with the snake.

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