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Chapter 11
Mami Returns! (Short Chain)

“Ha ha ha ha! You're in for it now!”

I was a bit surprised by Sayaka sounding such a triumphant note in the face of this fearsomely strong redheaded magical girl. On the one hand, I was a bit flattered that Sayaka felt that I alone would so decisively turn the tide of battle like that. On the other hand, her apparent desire for such a battle with another magical girl disturbed me.

The redheaded girl, for her part, had taken up a defensive stance. My becoming a magical girl and shooting her down had made her more cagey, waiting to see what Sayaka and I might try next. Sayaka similarly took a defensive stance, but had a saucy grin on her face, directed at the redheaded girl. I think Sayaka wanted the redheaded girl to rush at her, hoping that I would respond to that by shooting a barrage of arrows at the redheaded girl, leaving her distracted for a decisive strike from Sayaka. However, I didn't want to end this battle with such likely bloodshed or even loss of life.

I started walking slowly towards Sayaka to stand alongside her.

“I want this fight to end now.” I said out-loud to the redheaded magical girl, after I took a position next to Sayaka.

“Huh?” Sayaka said, surprised by my words, “But why? She's in the way! We have to get after that familiar so it isn't allowed to hurt anybody!”

“You're right.” I stated to Sayaka, agreeing with her, “But I'd prefer to resolve this with words rather than with violence.”

“Do you hear me?!” I shouted out in question to the redheaded magical girl, “I stand with Sayaka in wanting to stop that familiar from hurting innocent people. But I also want this fight to end. So I plead with you to end this fight, and to leave, so that Sayaka and I can go after that familiar.”

Unfortunately, my words seemed to fall on deaf ears. The redheaded girl was now the one with a saucy grin on her face, as she perceived my desire for peace to be a sign of weakness.

“Two magical girls against one are bad odds, even for me.” the redheaded girl said towards Sayaka, “But that's only if both of those two magical girls are willing to fight! Your friend there appears too cowardly to fight another magical girl, and if so, she's easy pickings for me!”

The redheaded girl's words here resonating with Sayaka, as I could tell that Sayaka was now making a displeased look towards me. The redheaded girl looked like she was about to launch herself into combat against Sayaka and I. I hated the thought of having to fight another magical girl, but it looks like I would be left with no other choice. If only...

“Kyouko Sakura...” came a stern voice that sent goosebumps up the spine of both Kyouko and Sayaka, “This is disappointing even given how tragically our last meeting went”

Mami Tomoe...” this 'Kyouko' stated breathlessly, as she saw Mami walk between her and Sayaka.

Mami-san!” exclaimed an overjoyed Sayaka.

A tearful Sayaka rushed over to Mami to tightly wrap her arms around her. With tears of joy in my eyes, I decided to do the same as well, by gently hugging Mami from the other side.

“I'm so glad that you're back with us!” Sayaka exclaimed, with tears pouring forth from her eyes , while Mami softly embraced her back.

“I'm glad as well.” Mami said warmly, before tilting her face to look towards me, “Thank you, Madoka.”

“Wh-what is the meaning of this?!” Kyouko exclaimed in question, “Aren't you supposed to be dead?!”

Sayaka made a cross look at Kyouko over her undesired interruption of our touching reunion with Mami. But Mami gracefully pushed both Sayaka and I aside in order to take a couple steps towards Kyouko and address her.

“You could say that reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated.” Mami stated with a slight grin.

“W-was this some sort of trap you laid for me?!” Kyouko exclaimed in question, as I think she actually seemed emotionally hurt over the thought, “Is this some messed up way to get revenge?”

“No.” Mami answered, before gesturing one outstretched palm to Sayaka and I, “But I do want you to see how I have taken two new Juniors under my care just as you once were my Junior. These two girls have chosen to follow my philosophy on what it means to be a magical girl, just as you once did. It's not too late for you. You and I can make amends. Join with Madoka, Sayaka, and I! Be my friend and ally once more, Kyouko.”

Sayaka and I were both startled by Mami's revelation about her past association with this Kyouko! I became sad over the thought of how their previous friendship must have ended due to some argument or unfortunate occurrence.

Kyouko's demeanour seemed to calm and soften due to Mami's words. But Kyouko was not entirely swayed by them.

“I won't pretend that I haven't missed your company, Mami.” Kyouko said, “But I learned the hard way that your approach to being a magical girl just never works out! It only leads to more tragedy and suffering!”

“Do you see tragedy and suffering amongst my new friends and I?” Mami asked in turn.

There was then a pause while Sayaka held one of Mami's hands, and I held Mami's other hand. The three of us stood close together, while we all looked Kyouko in the face. The tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife! Kyouko thankfully brought that to an end by retracting her spear with a magical gesture, and relaxing her posture entirely.

“I won't be doing things your way again.” Kyouko said simply, “But this is still your territory, so do what you want with it. I'm heading back to my own territory. Cya!”

Kyouko then leaped upwards, stealthily back and forth from one ledge to the next to the next before finally leaving. Mami breathed a deep sigh over it.

“Don't worry about her, Mami.” Sayaka said, “What's really important is that you're somehow alive!”

“I'm alive because Madoka wished for it when she became a magical girl.” Mami said with a wide smile towards me, “Kyubey explained everything to me telepathically while you and Madoka were confronting Kyouko.”

“How did you come to meet and befriend her, Mami?” I asked, “And what caused her eventual split from you.”

“It's a... long story.” Mami answered, “I'll make sure to share it with both you and Sayaka later. But for now, Madoka, there is something I must ask. While you have my deepest gratitude for giving me back my life, why did you choose to wish me back to life as a normal human girl?”

Kyouko and Sayaka thankfully had not noticed that, which better enabled Mami to talk Kyouko down.

“I want you to have a chance to choose a wish not forced by an emergency.” I explained to Mami, “You never had that chance before, but this time you will!”

“I see.” Mami said, as she appeared very deeply touched by my gestures here, “That is very kind and considerate of you. I only feel guilty over how your wish has now been spent purely for my benefit.”

“Don't be.” Sayaka said, “Madoka and I are just so happy that you're back with us! Right, Madoka?”

“Right!” I exclaimed cheerfully, “I am curious though. Do you remember anything...”

“From the time I spent dead?” Mami stated, finishing my question for me, “Yes, I can certainly understand why that would be a pressing question and an intense curiosity. Truthfully, Madoka, it's like I went from the moment of my death to the moment of my revival in a flash. I recall a sharp, sudden pain as my neck began to crack and snap under the force of that awful witch's teeth. I recall a brief moment of extreme horror in thinking that I was going to die. But instantly after that, I found myself lying behind you while you shot an arrow at Kyouko, as though I had never died at all!”

“I see.” Sayaka said, a bit disappointed I think, “No confirmation of an afterlife then. Ah well, I guess your experience doesn't really rule it out either.”

“Right.” Mami said, “But let's put that aside for now. I want to make the most of this life that you've given me back, Madoka!”

“Does that mean you're going to become a magical girl again?” I asked her.

“I...” Mami began in uneasy answer.

I could then perceive Mami's eyes clouding over and narrowing as uncertainty took hold of her. She began to walk a couple steps away from Sayaka and I, as she carefully contemplated my question.

“It is funny.” Mami said, while gazing upon her open hand, “You were my juniors, with me as the only magical girl. Now you both are magical girls, and I am a normal human again. I won't be much of a Senior if I didn't become a magical girl again for your sake, and yet...”

“You don't need to rush into it, Mami!” exclaimed Sayaka, “I took a long time before I settled on my wish, and it would be fine if you did the same.”

I then vaguely recalled what Mami said about the sad downsides to being a magical girl. How it left her lonely and lacking time for friends or boyfriends.

“You can choose to stay a normal girl if you want, Mami.” I said to her.

I was a bit surprised that Kyubey had not sounded a disagreeing note here. Did he not particularly care if Mami Tomoe was a magical girl or not? Were Sayaka and I enough?

“I think I will remain a normal girl for awhile at least.” Mami said, “Simply to spend some time experiencing that again. By the way, you both have chosen wonderful magical girl outfits for yourselves. Yours is quite elegant, Madoka, while yours is an enchanting mix of medieval Europe with 1900s America, Sayaka.”

I thanked Mami for the compliment after blushing a bit, while Sayaka shyly laughed over it and waved one hand saying “It's nothing, really, but thanks.”

“Now then...” said Mami, “This time I'll be the one to follow behind you two as we chase after that escaped familiar!”

“Right!” exclaimed a confidently smiling Sayaka while she did a fist-pump.

So the three of us then went after the familiar that had escaped due to Kyouko's actions. After we caught and defeated him, the three of us decided to enjoy a treat over Mami's place. Mami's place was now very dusty and in need of cleaning, but there was still some food left in the fridge to enjoy.

My decision to wish Mami back from the dead in order to be a magical girl to help Sayaka seemed to have achieved two excellent goals in one arrow shot. I have to admit I felt proud of my accomplishment. Still, in thinking back to how dreadful Homura had made the role of the magical girl seem, I felt some trepidation over the thought of where my life as a magical girl would take me next...

Affection Calculation Time! Where the story goes next will depend on your current affection level with Mami Tomoe. Refer to the data tables below to calculate your current affection levels with her. Also, add 1 free affection point to your Mami Tomoe affection level due to her being thankful since you wished her back to life.

Spoiler for Mami Tomoe Affection Data:

If your affection level with Mami is +1 or less, read Section “Mami Tomoe's Ultimate Sacrifice”. To get more of that full VN feel for that, listen to the music here while reading it.

If your affection level with Mami is +2 or higher, read Section “Endless Love". To get more of that full VN feel for that, listen to the music here while reading it

Spoiler for Mami Tomoe's Ultimate Sacrifice:

Spoiler for Endless Love:

__________________________________________________ _____________

Homura/Sayaka Alliance Chain

Oddly enough, Friday came and went without me hearing back from Sayaka about the important meeting she went to with Homura. It left me feeling a bit worried about them. Oh well, Sayaka probably just forgot to call me about it after. After staying up a bit late thinking over it, I finally fell asleep, content in the knowledge that our city would be well-defended from witches and familiars by Homura and Sayaka.

The next morning, though, I was surprised to see Kyubey once more situated amongst my plushies...

“...Kyubey?” I asked of him, after yawning, and while still feeling a bit groggy, “Why are you here? You know of the agreement Sayaka and I made with Homura...”

“There's something urgent we need to talk about Madoka!” Kyubey exclaimed to me, “Both Homura and Sayaka have been kidnapped!”

“...Eeehhhh!” I uttered in horror and shock, after blinking uneasily over Kyubey's words.

Kyubey then went on to tell me how he was given a ransom note from some mysterious person who was demanding to meet with me on the rooftop of my school at 9:30 PM, Saturday night. Kyubey had been told by this kidnapper to pass the ransom note unto me!

Enclosed within a sealed envelope was a short hand-written letter and... and the pictures of an unconscious Homura and Sayaka, both bound and tied up in a strange place that I didn't recognize! The hand-written letter was straight and to the point, stating that if I ever wanted to see Homura and Sayaka alive again that I had to arrive at the assigned meeting place, and that Kyubey and I were to come there alone. The kidnapper also wrote that if I met one specific request tonight that he would release Sayaka and Homura back to me.

I desperately wanted to tell my mom, or call the police, about this, but Kyubey went to great lengths to discourage me from doing that. He told me that we shouldn't risk getting anybody else involved given what was wrote in the letter. He had a point, and so I eventually decided that I would go along with the conditions set by the kidnapper.

Saturday seemed to drag on forever, as my thoughts throughout the day were dominated with concerns over Sayaka and Homura's well-being. I also wondered what this kidnapper could possibly want with me! What was the specific request? Was it something that I would be able to meet? These questions plagued my mind until 9 PM, Saturday night arrive. I then made my way to my school.

To my surprise, I found that all of the doors of the school were unlocked in spite of how it was closed today. I could only assume that the kidnapper had seen to this. As I walked through dark, freaky school hallways, I felt similar darkness and fright take hold of my heart. I felt such terribly torturous trepidation over what this kidnapper might ask of me in return for Sayaka and Homura's release. I hope that whatever he was thinking of asking for is something that I would be able and willing to give...

I finally arrived on the school rooftop, at the spot where Sayaka and I usually go for lunch on schooldays. It felt strange and eerie to be here on a Saturday night, but at least a full moon provided some illumination while crisp, cool air refreshed my lungs. With a clenched fist, I firmed myself for this meeting with the mysterious kidnapper.

But this was not enough to prevent me from being shocked and awed by what I would soon see...

I saw some air in front of me seemingly shift into a transparent mercury, which then kinda phased out to reveal something immense and powerful behind it.

There, about five meters in front of me and hovering two meters off the ground, was an immense mechanical flying platform, shaped like a gargantuan beetle! On top of that “beetle” was a makeshift balcony of sorts. Standing in that balcony was one man flanked by two androids shaped like giant bipedal insects, each about the size of two large muscular human males. One of these androids held an unconscious Homura in its arms, while the other one held an unconscious Sayaka in its arms... but with some sort of large gun pointed directly at Sayaka's head!

The man standing between the two androids had bright green hair and eyebrows. He wore a purple business suit with a white shirt underneath. As much as he reminded me of a certain classic fictional American villain, his facial features were notably Japanese. He also wore something over one eye and the side of his head. Was it some sort of electronic scanner?

His arms were neatly folded across his chest, and he had this disturbingly hungry grin on his face that made me cringe in fear and want to run away... Most importantly, though, he seemed to have a large, green, malleable Soul Gem in the shape of a necktie, around his neck!

“I'm pleased to see you've chosen to be cooperative.” he said to me, “My stealth reconnaissance units have informed me that you've come alone, as requested. Excellent. Then let's not waste time here, and get down to busin...”

“Wait!” I shouted at him, as I was very curious over his necktie, “Is that... is that a Soul Gem that you're wearing?”

“Yes, it is!” he exclaimed in enthusiastic answer, “Like your friend Akemi Homura, I'm a magical human.”

“But Kyubey...” I said, as I turned my head towards him, “Didn't you tell me that only teenage girls could contract with you?”

“That was not always the case.” Kyubey began in answer, “There was a time when my people and I were willing to contract with all humans, of all ages. But for various reasons, we eventually decided to contract only with teenage girls.”

“I see.” I said.

Curiosity continued to get the best of me, as I found myself asking the strange magical man before me another question.

“...What did you wish for when you become a magical human?” I asked him.

A wide, proud smile spread across his face after I asked this question.

“I wished for what any sane man would.” he began in answer, before triumphantly gesturing one arm upwards, “I wished for unlimited power!

“Unlimited power...” I said breathlessly, overwhelmed by his answer, “But then... then why do you need to get anything from me?!”

“Kyubey and his people aren't omnipotent.” he answered, “Nor is the magical potential flowing within us humans. So when I wished for “unlimited power” it didn't grant me omnipotence, but simply an endless and vast supply of pure magical energy.”

As he said this, he stretched out one arm, and held his hand palm up with his fingers in a clawing position. Then I saw green fiery energy form all over his hand!

“I am no mere Magus, and I am more powerful than any Puella Magi.” he explained in boast, “I am a Magus battery! I once dreamed of finding ultimate weapons to achieve my greatest ambitions, but now I myself am an ultimate weapon. Also, due to my unlimited power, I never need to use Grief Seeds to cleanse my Soul Gem. My own magical energies suffice.”

Everything about this man was incredible and freakish to me. His actions, his wish, his power, his desires... I felt like I couldn't relate to them at all! I mean, I had wanted power to help others, but not for its own sake! This man represented an approach to life that seemed totally alien to me even while his facial features were Japanese.

“Since you are naturally intrigued by the great mysterious Conqueror before you, let me reveal more about myself to you.” he continued, as he proudly placed one hand over his heart, “You may call me Emperor Jinnai. As we humans measure time, I became a magical human back in the middle of the 1990s! My new powers better enabled me to create and lead a large army, which I have since used to conquer five different alien planets as I travelled the stars!”

Amazing... Horrifyingly amazing...

“But these planets all had a very low population relative to Earth, which I have to admit made them much easier to conquer.” he continued, “For me to conquer my own planet of birth by conventional means would involve a long and brutal slog, likely leaving much of Earth a ruinous mess unfit to rule. So this is where you come in, my dear!”

This 'Emperor Jinnai' then snapped his fingers, and I noticed a whirring sound and fearsomely glowing eyes come from the android holding Sayaka in its arms.

“I have just activated Tetsuo 11 to immediately start shooting at Sayaka Miki if you utter a single word.” he stated.

My eyes grew wide in stunned horror over what he had just said. I wanted to scream out “Why?!” but I refrained from doing so. I didn't want to take the risk that Jinnai wasn't bluffing!

“Good.” he said, noticing my silence and how I swallowed hard, “I suspected you would know how to react there. This measure is unfortunate, but necessary to ensure that you don't try to double-cross me by changing your wish in the middle of voicing it!”

My wish? What did he mean by that?

“There is one precise sequence of words that you can voice which Tetsuo 11 has been programmed to allow without firing at Sayaka Miki.” Jinnai continued in explanation, “They are 'I wish for Emperor Jinnai to become the absolute Monarch of the entire planet of Earth'.”

...Now it became clear to me. As generally incomprehensible as I found this 'Emperor' and his ambitions to be, it was now clear what his 'one specific request' was. He wanted me to wish for him to become the ruler of Earth! That was why he wanted Kyubey to come along with me, as Kyubey would be needed to grant the wish.

“I can tell by the look on your face that you've already figured out what my specific request of you is.” he said, “Grant that request, and these two girls will be returned to you unharmed. You have two minutes to decide if you will grant my request or not. My request for you to make the wish of “I wish for Emperor Jinnai to become the absolute Monarch of the entire planet of Earth”. If you decide to grant that request, nod approvingly. Otherwise, I'm afraid that Sayaka Miki's hair will soon resemble Swiss cheese more than blue cheese.”

This Jinnai was unflinchingly ruthless. I could tell that now, as beads of nervous sweat formed on the side of my head. Every fibre of my being was telling me that this was an evil man, if ever there was one. Should I actually trust him with ruling Earth?!

Still, I couldn't let him kill Sayaka. I just couldn't! The thought was too horrible to think of. And so, with many worries plaguing my mind, I nonetheless nodded approvingly of his request. A haughty open smile washed across Jinnai's face, as his eyes also lit up.

“Then do it!” he exclaimed excitedly, “Make the wish!”

“I...” I began uneasily, “...wish for Emperor Jinnai to become absolute Monarch of the entire planet of Earth.”

Kyubey's eyes lit up, while Emperor Jinnai began laughing maniacally.

And with that wish, I suddenly felt a tremendous tsunami of pinkish energy wrap itself around me in a fierce embrace. I felt my student uniform leave me in a flash, while a pink and white fluffy dress with pink bows on the side appeared on me. I felt my arms and hands massively strengthen, and become increasingly durable. I couldn't help but scream over the sensation.

While this transformation seemed to me to take a couple minutes, it must have all happened instantaneously as the positions of Kyubey, Jinnai, Sayaka, and Homura hadn't changed at all. I felt such incredible confidence, power, and strength in the wake of becoming a magical girl.

Jinnai then started clicking a button at the top of his electronic scanner of sorts. I think he was flicking through shots of various world locales.

“The White House is gone...” he began, “The flag of Imperial Japan now flies over Beijing. Tokyo Tower has been replaced by a gigantic statue in my likeness! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So it was done. I was now a magical girl, and I had given this worrisome man complete control over Earth...

“What does the scouter say about her power level?” Kyubey asked Jinnai, referring to me.

“It's over 9000!” he exclaimed in reply.

“What? 9000!” Kyubey said excitedly.

Kyubey then turned his face towards me.

“Madoka, you may be even more powerful than he is!” Kyubey exclaimed to me.

But I didn't care much about that right now. I simply wanted to get Sayaka and Homura to safety. Knowing how powerful I was did give me some added confidence though. As such, I glared upwards at Jinnai to signal that I now expected him to hold up to his end of things.

“Ah yes” he said to me, “I guess you want your friends back now, don't you? Very well.”

“Tetsuo!” he exclaimed at the android holding Sayaka, “Throw the girl over to her.”

The android responded by roughly throwing Sayaka's unconscious body at me.

I carefully caught her, and gently laid her on the school rooftop. My new magical powers thankfully seemed to include mild healing abilities. I used that to awaken Sayaka, and remove the bruises and electrical scars that I saw on her body.

“Ma-Madoka...” she managed weakly, as she slowly opened her eyes, “...What's going on...?”

“It's Ok.” I said warmly to her, after hugging her tightly, as I felt such immense relief over Sayaka now being safe, “I'll explain everything later. Please rest for now. We'll be heading home soon.”

I then turned my attention back to Emperor Jinnai.

“What about Homura?” I firmly asked him.

“Unfortunately for you, I can't afford to release her.” Jinnai replied, with an evil grin, “Sayaka Miki is only a normal girl, so she can be safely released. The same can't be said for Akemi Homura, given her time-stop abilities. But don't worry, I have no intention of killing your deeply demented dark-haired mistress. Her abilities may later prove useful to me, so she will be kept alive. But the rest of her days will be spent in permanent vacation, if you catch my drift.”

“That's so sad...” I said, “...And that's not acceptable. That's not what you promised!”

“I kept half of my promise. That's how it works in politics, naive one.” Jinnai replied, “You'll come to be grateful for how I taught you an important life lesson this day!”

That tears it. I had had enough of this viciously vile villain! After making fierce eye contact with him for a couple moments, I finally mustered up the courage to face him in battle!

“The only one who needs to be taught a lesson is you!” I shouted angrily at him, “I will not allow you to leave without releasing Homura!”

Heh!” Jinnai chortled with contempt, “You and what army are going to stop me?”

“I don't need an army! I'll stop you myself!” I exclaimed in reply.

Oooo... the little bubble gum-headed Princess actually has a spine!” Jinnai replied, “Very well then... BRING IT ON! Let's see what you're made of!”

“I'm going to shut that big mouth of yours too!” I shouted with seething contempt.

I then held my magical bow above my head, and pulled back on its string.

Piogga di Frecce!” I exclaimed, in honour of Mami's fondness for Italian-based attack names.

My “rain of arrows” would soar through the air, crashing down all over Jinnai and the android he called Tetsuo 11! Tetsuo 11 exploded violently in the wake of my attack.

With a battle cry I leaped into the air! I began diagonally descending downwards. My intent was to land a jump-kick on Jinnai! I was going to defeat this evil villain if it was the last thing that I would do!

To Be Continued...


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