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Originally Posted by Marina2 View Post
Thank for the answer.

Spoiler for About Izumi fate in anime compare to manga&novel:
I'm glad to be able to help by providing some answers...though I'm always a little anxious about revealing too much to people who don't really want to know that much

Well there is reason behind her featuring in a lot more scenes in the anime compared to both other media.
Spoiler for whole plot-difference concerning Akazawa:

Though most people won't go to this thread until the anime is over I made a list of what is different between the anime and the original novel so far. I found some of the changes good, some bad...I'm still pretty excited to see how they will pull off the very end. If anybody who has read the novel noticed any further differences I'd be interested if I missed some (I have that feeling I did)...or maybe anybody has an opinion about the changes XD
Spoiler for differences novel to anime:

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