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Originally Posted by molitar View Post
Yep The only thing I want though is realistic dynamics on their clothing.. girls floating around with skirts on and not a panty flash is too unrealistic.
If you want to see 100% realism in a show, don't watch anime. Saying that you're disappointed by a lack of realism in an anime series is like saying that you're disappointed by an extreme lack of light in a cave at night...

Also, I don't think anybody on staff was being lazy. Personally, I would like to keep things positive and say it's because maybe they didn't want the point of this show to be showcasing women's underwear? They want to keep the viewer focused on the plot -- not somebody's cotton floral-printed unmentionables. It's distracting and there isn't a need for it, so why bother including it?

Also, if someone is actually disturbed by something as insignificant as whether or not you can see a girl's panties, then you have priority issues.
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