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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
Happy birthday OCC-tan! You're 4! A real big girl now.

And we've haven't forgotten about you, Cadia Zwei. Our fics and profiles remain in deep freeze, but their spirits remain alive in our hearts.

Maybe someday, when the mangas get reanimated, we'll meet again...

(And by then, there might be real khracklings running around... )
4 years, huh?'s quite a long time >_>

...And I've yet to finish my fic (mostly due to my lack of concentration) >_<

Anyway, here's another piece of Chapter 25 (OC Index)

Spoiler for Chapter 25 - Second Date - Part 3:

That's it for now

Let's hope I can post another piece soon, before I get distracted again

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